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Health and Wellness Trends To Try In 2021 - Spa Industry Association
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If you were asked a year ago to imagine a life where you are forced to stay in your house for months together, work from home for a year, no partying, no travelling – how would you have reacted? 

Most of you would have laughed at this question assuming this can never be a reality. Then 2020 happened and we all know what followed. 

Every coin has its two sides, so did this lethal pandemic. 

Looking at the brighter side many unattainable and unimaginable shifts are brought by the coronavirus – like the revival of the lost and degraded environment, cordial relations between the world countries,  surged awareness towards mental health, etc. 

Talking about health, statistics depict that people all over have made mends and are adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Exercise and meditation have made it to their daily routine. Eating habits have undergone massive changes with people turning towards organic food and vegan diet. 

Wellness is a very subjective term which is not limited to eating healthy or burning the extra calories but it also includes an overall physical and mental growth that can make you feel good, more confident, fitter and happier.

Here are a few wellness and health trends that might see a surge in 2021:

  1. Community Care will Gain Momentum 

Difficult times exposed many hidden flaws and unjust societal practices that discriminate between people of varied class. 

This inequality goes right up to the level of differently treating the entire set of third world underdeveloped countries, with no empathy towards its citizens.

Voices have started to rise against such acts and as a whole people have started being more mindful towards community self-care. This drive of compassion for humans of all kind will go a long way. 

A momentum has commenced whereby individuals have started seeing wellness reframed from something that is ‘for me’ and to something that is ‘for all’. 

As time passes, this feeling will get more concrete followed by historic changes at country level. 

  1. Say No to Social Media 

From India to America, these days there is news about brutal and inhumane protests taking rounds on social media. 

It seems like the news agencies have adopted the motto of reflecting only on the negative side of incidents occurring worldwide. 

The intake of such negative news can have a detrimental effect on your mental wellbeing. To add to that is the feeling of insecurity and lack that these platforms feed in our lives every moment. 

But the best part of social media is you can switch it off whenever you deem fit. People are done taking in negative and violent news. Ergo, digital detoxification will be top on the list of many this year. 

Lucid way of implementing digital detoxification is to devote a week, weekend, or even just a day without social media. 

Take out time to be with yourself: read, go for long walks in nature, meditate or work on a creative project. Let your mind connect with your inner-self.

  1. Primitive Medicinal Science will be in Vogue 

You must have realised by now that modern medical science is far behind in tackling the unforeseen devils of nature. 

Current times have changed the wind of preference and the faith in primitive medicinal science like the Ayurvedas is intensifying.

Large masses have turned to ayurvedic and homoeopathic medicines. This trend is surely going to swing higher in the coming years.    

  1. Nutritionists will be the Next Millionaires 

It is truly said, “You are what you eat”. Food is the primary source of shaping your physical as well as mental health. 

The nutritionists will see an upscale in the number of their clients during the year, especially from the urban and educated demographics.  

Many people have been seeing using the best food photography apps for foodies to gain inspiration from nutritionists and food experts.

  1. Normalise Talking about Mental Health 

Mental Health concerns reached an all-time high during the pandemic.

Pragmatically, all age groups suffered: on one hand, adolescents were obligated to stay indoors and on the other people in old-age-homes were deprived of meeting their loved ones. 

Consequently, the talks about the concerns associated with mental health were a part of most dining rooms.  

Prediction is during 2021 the efforts put behind mainstreaming the mental health-related conversations will start to reap benefits.

People will no more have fear in reaching out to an expert for help. If not that,  there will be a larger part of population dissecting towards yoga and meditation to get started on their mental health journeys.

The Take-Away

‘Health is Wealth’, this is something that was taught to us from childhood but somewhere on our journey to attain our dreams we have left it behind. 

In the grab of achieving the materialistic goals, you and I have forgotten how to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

They say ‘Time is the best teacher’ and the year 2020 has been a great teacher of the lot. 

Take this time to reflect on how you can build your health and then concentrate on building your wealth.  

Pick your own wellness trend and stick to it through the year, will you?

Author bio 

Payal Gajiwala 

Payal is a Company Secretary by profession who wishes to bring a positive change in this otherwise distorted world via kindness, empathy, soul healing and through the beautiful and primitive medium of literary writing. 

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