IWSTM 2016 looks at the role of travel and tourism in wellness and spa facilities and venues. We invite industry partners who operate or cooperate with a wellness or spa facility to join us in this great initiative. This year the both the title and the content changed and now it is called the International Wellness, Spa and Travel Monitor. This is really easy:

  1. please follow the link and share your experiences and predictions with us:
  2. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IWSTM2016_English

In return, we will share the key findings of the research with you AND as a means of  thank you, we most certainly include your brand in the final report. This is a benchmark survey, we do not interview customers and we do not expect industry partners to share sensitive data with us. Here are some basic info about the first three rounds:

  • 2010: Wellness Tourism 2020 research (learning from industry leaders about how they see the coming 10 years in wellness tourism)
  • 2012: International Wellness & Spa Tourism Monitor – the benchmark study (collecting benchmark information and intelligence from 400+ wellness and spa facilities/venues all around the world).
  • 2015: International Wellness & Spa Tourism Monitor – The benchmark study (you can access it from here: http://tinyurl.com/zq36cg4)

You can find more information about the previous rounds with downloadable summaries from our website or FB page. Pls visitwww.thetourismobservatory.org for more details.