Cultivating a loyal patient base is essential to success. Loyal patients are willing to return for multiple procedures because they trust your recommendations, and they drive referrals by telling their friends about your practice.

One simple way to help support this relationship is by accepting the CareCredit health, wellness and beauty credit card so they have a convenient way to pay for every procedure.

Make use of the free tools and resources CareCredit provides to help you build loyalty with patients so they come back to your practice time and again.

Host an open house to exhibit your expertise

Special events can help attract new patients and strengthen your bond with existing ones, leading to more scheduled appointments and increased revenue.

  • Feature your credentials, years of experience and board certification to build trust.
  • Showcase the procedures you offer, including the latest techniques.
  • Highlight what sets your practice apart from other providers.

Make it a hit with the CareCredit Special Event Kit

Get invitations, welcome signs, social posts and more. Plus, find helpful tips in the white paper, Doctor’s Guide to a Successful VIP Event by Karen Zupko, president of KarenZupko & Associates, Inc.

Show you offer financing to help ease cost concerns

Letting patients know you accept the CareCredit credit card to help them pay for their procedure can help them stay focused on their desired result—and plant the seed for them to return for additional procedures. 

  • Include CareCredit banners, buttons and content on your website or social media.
  • Use the CareCredit Payment Calculator to show patients their estimated monthly payments.
  • Place table displays and brochures throughout your practice to give patients easy access to financing.

Put financing at their fingertips.

Your CareCredit materials include a custom link and QR code to give patients a simple, contactless way to see if they prequalify (with no impact to their credit score) and apply for the CareCredit credit card.

Generate word of mouth and referrals

89% of cardholders say they would recommend CareCredit to a friend. When payment is easy, your patients will have another great reason to tell their friends about your practice.

  • Ask patients to leave a review after their visit so people see how great your practice is.
  • Send patients personalized recommendations to show you really know them.
  • Offer a referral program to incentivize your patients to spread the word.

Connect with patients who have purchasing power

Within the Provider Center, you can see which of your patients have CareCredit. Include CareCredit in your marketing so they know you accept it.

Financing for every procedure

CareCredit has been trusted by millions of cardholders for over 35 years to help patients pay for all types of care, including cosmetic procedures. When you accept the CareCredit credit card, you can help boost your business by giving patients a way to pay for all the procedures they need or want.

Not yet enrolled? Apply to enroll with CareCredit today or call 855-860-9001.

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