Have you ever wondered what differentiates you from the winners who breakthrough? How did people like Einstein and Mozart manage to become geniuses and create masterpieces? If you’ve ever asked yourself either of these two questions, this article is for you.

The difference between the genius and the average is not physical nor is it mental. The genius does not possess anything that can’t be found on an average person. The secret lies in using physical and mental faculties properly.

The genius can work his or her creative muscle. And this enables him or her to find his or her creative voice and then tap into genius as much he or she can. This too can be done by an average person. The problem is that he or she doesn’t realize that he or she has it.

You cannot live a great life until you tap into genius. And you can only tap into genius when you start putting your physical and mental faculties to use. As the saying goes, what you don’t use, you lose. The price of not using your faculties is being average. And you know what? Nobody remembers the average person.

Becoming a genius depends on how you do what you do. How you do something shapes your character and destiny. You have to be committed to excellence to get good results. It all starts with a decision. A decision to tap into your genius and bring it out through your results.

Genius is a state of mind stillness that produces output at a blistering rate. If you haven’t tapped into your genius up until now, you are:

  • Not allocating time for personal and psychological improvement
  • Spending a lot of time chasing new things to become happy
  • Not prioritizing learning in your life
  • Don’t pray, meditate or exercise
  • Don’t consume nutritious meals

Remember, nobody is smarter than you. By learning and applying the right principles, you can achieve your long-term goals easily and quickly and even surpass them.

We tend to prioritize things that we pay for and take for granted what we get for free. Without the things we got for free such as our minds, bodies, imagination, goals, and health, there’s nothing we can do in this world. Make your life worthwhile by following these ten proven tips.

Daily deliberate practice is a critical part of reaching a genius state. You can only tap into genius once you are committed to mastering your craft. According to pioneering psychologists, intelligence is not a guarantee of achievement. You have to put in the work every day. Otherwise, nothing worthwhile will happen.

  • Genius comes from a deep state called flow. In this state, you become immersed in your work to such a point that you lose track of time. Creating this state is not difficult. It requires practice, consistency, and willingness.

To reach this state, ensure your environment is peaceful and quiet. This means that you should eliminate all distractions around you. Switch off the television. Put your phone away. Disable notifications on your computer. And inform your loved ones early enough not to interrupt you for a specified period.

Train your mind to focus on what you are doing for ninety minutes. After ninety minutes, take a short break and resume for another ninety minutes. When you do this, you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish in ninety minutes. You’ll have free afternoons and nights with your loved ones, instead of sitting at work and thinking about your daily entrepreneurship life or how to improve personal development. And most importantly, the quality of your work will greatly improve.

Everything that has been created by human beings on earth was first manifested in the mind. According to the best essay writing service uk research, imagination has always been the key to all breakthroughs and achievements in life. Genius people come up with many great ideas because they spend most of their time using their imagination.

One of the best ways to develop your imagination is by reading books and taking the time to think through things. Most people don’t read books. They also make decisions after consulting others to gain their approval. You cannot tap into genius if this is what you do.

Yes, genius people do consult others. But they make their own decisions in the end. The man who cannot is the man who gets influenced by circumstances. The man who can is the person who thinks whatever he wants.

To tap into your genius, you have to cultivate good behaviors and eliminate negative behaviors. Behavior repeated over time becomes a habit. And to uproot a negative habit is quite difficult. Geniuses cultivate positive habits such as meditating, journaling, exercising regularly and paying attention to detail.

Your morning determines how your entire day will be. Therefore, it’s important to include positive habits in your morning routine that will work your creative muscles. For instance, you can read for thirty minutes every morning, journal or meditate, think about your plans about the day. And if you have any problem with scheduling your day the help of the Virtual Assistant Services may help you to make your day. Such activities will help you tap into your genius and start thinking creatively.

The subconscious mind is responsible for all the breakthroughs that happen without trying hard. Therefore, it is your responsibility to prepare and use it to gain insight.

For instance, if you want to solve a particular problem or achieve a certain goal, visualize how you want things to be just before going to bed. Then forget about it and go to sleep. After a while, you’ll start seeing the results in your life. You can also recite affirmations when you wake or before going to sleep.

After your morning routine, don’t start reading the newspaper, watching TV or checking the email. Go to work immediately. If you are a writer, start writing. If you are a singer, start creating or perfecting your melody. Practicing your craft immediately after your morning routine will enable you to tap into your genius and use your insights. When you engage in low priority tasks, you’ll water down your efforts.

Creating deadlines is one of the best ways to force self-discipline into your craft. In most cases, we tend to take all the time we’ve given ourselves to complete a particular task.

For instance, a two-hour work can occupy the entire afternoon and night simply because the deadline is tomorrow morning. When you set deadlines, you will be forced to use your faculties to speed up the work. And the more you use your faculties, the better they become.

When was the last time you ate a very heavy meal and got back to work? How did you feel the entire time? Were you productive? Eating heavy junk food will prevent you from becoming a genius. Here’s why. Heavy food requires a lot of energy to get digested and absorbed by the body.

Instead of using this energy for creative purposes, your body will use it to digest. That’s why you always feel sleepy after consuming a heavy meal. To become a genius, consume light nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits as much as you can.

According to research conducted by the top essay writing service uk and assignment writing service Australia rest and recovery are extremely important to the genius. Let’s face it. You cannot produce high-quality work or achieve anything worthwhile without rest. Your body and mind have to recover lost energy to perform at an optimum level. Therefore, don’t feel guilty for taking a couple of days off or watching your favorite TV show in the evening.

Genius is in you. It’s all about how you live and your commitment to excellence. No one is better or smarter than you. When you see someone achieving extraordinary results, he or she is simply doing things differently from you. By practicing the tips that we’ve discussed and following your intuition, you will reach a state of genius. And everyone will want to take photos with you.