Holly Byerly

Holly Byerly

Clinical Esthetics Manager for Hayes Valley Medical and Esthetics

Interesting things about you and the business you are in?

Spa/Company Name: Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics

Website: www.hayesvalleymed.com

How did you end up in the industry? I’ve always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle, from eating a healthy diet to knowing what ingredients to avoid or search out for my skin and hair. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, so not much of a “spa” town. It never kept me from requesting information from beauty schools around the country and trying to find the best one while I was in high school. I ended up heading to Seattle, WA right after I graduated to attend a manicuring program, and then when I finished that, I took the esthetics program. I haven’t looked back once and thought “Did I make the right choice?” I know for certain that I did, my jobs have rarely felt like “work”.

If you are not working…what are you doing? When I am not working, you will find me on my way to the airport to visit a far away land or NYC or out in the hills of Napa cooking at my friend’s ranch. Shopping, eating, cooking or enjoying catch up time with friends.

Recent books or movies you’ve enjoyed? I just re-read Papillon, a Book by Henri Charrière. Its always inspirtational – to read this true story and see how he perservered and survived through such incredible challenges.

Favorite vacation taken? I have to choose only one?! Probably my trip to Manila, Philippines with a 22 hour layover in Dubai. Such excellent adventures and shopping!

If you were not in a spa career, what would you be doing? I would have animals and a massive garden – and I would cook. This would also be a retreat for healthy cooking classes where people could learn to garden, learn about foraging wild plants and how to create healthy meals. Someone else would have to run the spa part of it…

Spa/Facility info:

What best describes your spa? Medical Spa

Total square footage of your facility? 1,500

How many treatment rooms do you have? 3

What new treatments have you added recently? We recently added Microcurrent Facials, Probiotic Facials, B12 Injections, Restylane Silk Injectables, and will soon be adding a skin firming body treatment.

What is your signature treatment? Botox for the med side, Microdermabrasion facials for the spa side.

What percentage of your business comes from Retail sales? 20%

Anything else you would like to share? I LOVE this industry!