Treatment Room Must-Have Tools + Devices

After attending trade shows in Europe, The Caribbean, Canada, and all over the United States the one thing that we’re certain of is that tools and devices are vital in your treatment room. We’ve even been able to nail down those Treatment Room Must-Have devices. We’re big fans of Celluma for professional-level LED light therapy. If you want unlimited modality options for your treatment room – you must have the Universal Derma-Duo from DermaJEM; it will provide hydrodermabrasion, oxygen infusion, cold therapy and so much more!

Set Yourself Apart with These Tools + Devices

A key to success is to set yourself apart from the competition. We’ve found a few devices that allow you to create a uniqueness to your treatment menu. If you
offer the EpiFusion facial, you’ll be able to give clients a red carpet-ready glow that will keep them coming back to you! The professional skin care industry has fallen in love with Pro Plasma Esthetics Jet Plasma Pen, this can definitely set you apart! You can give your clients the BEST. FACIAL. EVER. with Rezenerate NanoFacial ‘WandPro’ System

Post Care and Home Care Tools + Devices

If you have clients who love LED and want to be able to scroll TikTok or watch TV or even work on their computer while getting a dose of LED check out the face mask from ZAQ.

Protocol for Physician Endorsed Medical Spa Device + Peptide Facial

All-new medical spa facial that is the key to skin longevity. History tells us that Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth that he thought was in Saint Augustine Florida. He was obviously wrong – and what we’ve discovered is that the key to skin longevity is the all-new Platinum Miami Facial. This all-new medical spa facial provides an all-encompassing approach to treating skin. We even secured an outline of this new medi-spa facial for you!

Read The Article + Get The Protocol For the Platinum Miami Facial

This medical spa facial is launching, in February 2024 at the Paris International Master Course on Aging Science [IMCAS] by M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM and is being endorsed by Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD. He’s a Dermatologist Master in Aesthetic Medicine and a teacher.

Recontouring Power Needling Treatment Guide with Combined Acids and Ultrasound

In this Mini Intro, Biodroga Medical Institute will demonstrate their methods of combining Mixed Acid Peels with Microneedling/Nanoneedling and Ultrasound to create high-performance treatments backed by the power of biotechnological active ingredients.

Discover everything you would want to know about acids as we do a deep dive into the different types of Acids and our great “Mix and Match” Concept that allows the Skincare Specialist to design the perfect individualized treatment for their clients.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert!

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Using Devices To Treat Hyperpigmentation Effectively

This is a must-have resource for creating a comprehensive strategy for combating hyperpigmentation. It provides a clear roadmap, enhancing understanding and expertise, enabling estheticians to deliver targeted and potent treatments, ultimately ensuring better client outcomes and satisfaction.

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