“READY TO GET DRIPPED?” It was more of a rhetorical question, as the impressively muscled man was already leading us into the ante- room at ThrIVe Drip Spa. Within seconds, a cheerful nurse had hooked our arm up, quickly and painlessly, to a highlighter-yellow IV bag full of—well, what exactly, we weren’t sure.

The spa, open since early April near I-10 and Chimney Rock, is Houston’s first center for intravenous vitamin therapy (IVT), a new- to-Houston health trend. The facility treats up to 12 patients at a time, pumping spa-goers’ systems with a “multivitamin-in-a-bag” in eight different 1,000-milliliter mixtures, which promise everything from hydration and detox- ing to boosted libidos and slimmer waists.

Although it features marble accents, chan- deliers and chilled coconut water, the place— founded by orthopedic surgeon Eugene Lou and his brother, plastic surgeon Derek Lou, who serves as the spa’s medical director—feels more like a doctor’s office than anything else.

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