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How A Day At The Spa Can Benefit Your Mental Health
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Stress is a significant contributor to poor mental health amongst many people. Yet day-to-day living makes it hard to completely avoid it. 

The American Institute of Stress shows that 73% and 77% of individuals have mental and physical health problems respectively, due to stress. It also showed that 48% cannot sleep due to stress.  

Managing stress is critical and one way that you can do this is with a day at the spa. There are so many amazing benefits you will get. There is the physical aspect of getting facials, body scrubs, and massages.  

The pampering you get is worth every dollar you spend. The ability to relax in a serene environment will have positive mental and emotional effects. And there is so much more as we will show you below.  

  1. A Spa Day Can Help Fight Stress And Depression 

A spa day exposes you to treatments that can help alleviate your stress. Aromatherapy, meditation, and massage therapy are some approaches that work.  

Allow us to get a little scientific in explaining how. Some hormones play a role in your moods. They include cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin. These ‘mood’ hormones determine how good or bad you feel.  

Elevated levels of cortisol for instance results in high stress levels. A massage will reduce cortisol levels, allowing you to relax. In the same breath, the treatment increases dopamine and serotonin levels, resulting in better moods.  

  1. You Will Sleep Better 

After an especially stressful day, what do you like to do? Many people will fill their tubs with hot water and soak away the tension. One of the main reasons for this routine is the ability to sleep well afterward.  

Hot water will relax your muscles and has a soothing and calming effect. It helps take care of fatigue, allowing your mind to get into a restful state. Hot tub therapies work like massages in reducing cortisol levels that help alleviate stress. Combine this with essential oils for some aromatherapy and it only gets better.  

The good news is you don’t have to go to a spa to enjoy this benefit every single day. All you need is your very own bathtub.  

If you don’t already have one click here now for some fantastic options. Our top recommendation is the freestanding clawfoot tubs. They look great and come in a range of styles and materials. There are different sizes so even with a small bathroom, you can still have one installed.  

Rope in your partner or kids to give you a massage afterward.  

  1. A Spa Day Can Boost Your Confidence 

Look around the people you hang around with. Don’t you find that those with high self-confidence rarely complain about stress, depression, or other mental issues? This is because they have the confidence to be able to handle themselves when they’re stressed.

Confident people tend to be positive and generally happier. Such individuals also take pride in how they look. That is because physical appearance is important when discussing self-esteem. If you look good, you feel good.

If you have been struggling with your appearance, book a spa day. There is a range of body and skin treatments available. Masks, exfoliation, and peels can help with wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation issues. A shot of botox or micro-needling will leave you looking younger.  

When you look in the mirror you will see a different, fresher-looking person. Your family and friends will notice and you can expect tons of compliments. 

The boost to your self-confidence will have you booking the next spa day appointment.  

  1. Spa Days Allow For Self-Care 

There are days you dedicate yourself to do nothing. You may watch movies or sleep on the couch the whole day. Many people refer to this as ‘ME TIME.” Experts may call it a form of self-care.  

Whatever the name, the fact is, you can get pretty selfish about it. Do you know why? Because that is the time you let go of life’s stressors. It is when you relax without interruption. The next day you feel renewed and so much better.  

A day at the spa is an excellent form of self-care with some extras. The extras being the pampering you get from the teams who are trained to help you let go of your stress. A massage will calm you down and release any muscle tension.  

Do spend some time in the sauna as well. There is research that shows sauna bathing can reduce vascular and non-vascular diseases. It will also help with conditions like flu, headache, and arthritis.  

  1. A Spa Day Allows You to Disconnect

Do you ever realize how much noise and commotion there is around us? Modern living is so busy and we are forever on the go. Work and life demands can get a bit too much.  

Throw in technology and it only gets noisier. Mobile phones with internet connectivity make everything worse. Social media, streaming sites, search engines, and e-commerce platforms keep us on our phones for hours. 

Think about the last time you had a 10-minute conversation with someone without one of you looking at their phone. It is almost impossible to avoid stress when trying to juggle everything.  

A spa day provides a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from everything. Some do not even allow for phones in the sessions. You can go alone to spend time with yourself. 

The other option is to use the day as a chance to catch up with family and friends. A time you can talk without the disruptions of the world outside. 

The feeling you will get after disconnecting for a short time can be overwhelming. Expect a combination of feelings like peace, relaxation, happiness, and positive energy.  

Final Thoughts

We live busy lives, and for most it is unavoidable. Trying to juggle daily activities is demanding and can lead to high stress levels. Not taking care of stress can lead to physical, emotional, and in the long run, potentially, mental health problems.  

Taking some time off for self-care is critical. And that is what you can achieve with a day at the spa. There are so many spa activities you can do to relax. 

Enjoy some solitary time or bring along close family and friends. It is a chance to disconnect from the busy world while pampering yourself. A massage, sauna bath, facials, and body treatments will leave you feeling great. 

So go ahead, splurge a little by booking a spa day. After all, you work hard. Why not enjoy some of the money you make on yourself.