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How Can Plants Add to Your Relaxing Experience in a Spa Center?
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Surprising Benefits of Floral Arrangements in the Spa

Whether you own a spa for profit, you’re attending a spa for relaxation, or you’re managing your at-home spa, there’s a lot to recommend for varying flora being incorporated into associated design schemes.

Flora could include flowers, it could include succulents, it could involve small trees, it could involve vines; all have their benefits. Here we’ll explore four ways relaxation can be directly enhanced by including such flora in your spa décor.

1. The Psychological Benefit of Plants
It turns out that science observes a few surprising things about plants and the human mind. Certain plants for relaxation can actually enhance your mental health. It’s not just that their natural nature helps you feel more connected to the world, though that’s part of it. It’s not just that plants fill an archetypical niche in your mind’s eye, but that’s part of it, too.

It’s these things and many others combined together into a sort of natural psychological melange that ends up helping you feel good consciously and subconsciously. The link goes into detail on specifics, and it’s also noteworthy that the following information also contributes to this psychologically positive outcome.

2. Plants Literally Clean the Air You Breathe
Many plants, flowers included, actually clean the air you breathe. Some toxins can be transmitted through the atmosphere. It’s one of the biggest reasons people have dry and dull skin. Plants extract them and help nourish your skin from within. In space, they’ve found quite a few plants to be helpful in this area. Varying ficus, succulent, vine, tree, and floral plants will clean the air. If you’re in a spa, you want them around for this reason among others.

3. Visual Cues Are Actually Psychologically Impacting
When you’re getting a massage and you see a variety of potted, hanging, and cut plants, that’s relaxing. That feels natural. You’ll notice all the best spas have indoor plants that are strategically arranged for the highest impact.

There’s a reason for this: those who run quality spas understand the psychological effect they’re encouraging. Also, little fountains and the gurgling brook-like sounds they make tend to have a similar impact.

4. Natural Environments Stimulate Healthy Subconscious Activity
If you’re looking at a building that’s falling apart from neglect or violence, that’s going to calibrate your train of thought, and send it in a negative direction. If you’re looking at a lush forest, breathing clean air, and enjoying the good things in life, the same thing happens; but in the opposite direction.

Human beings are designed to live in harmony with their environment. We are meant to act sort of like gardeners in a park the size of our entire world. We naturally feel good when we’re in nature; when we see flowers blooming, and can smell their fresh aromas.

The smell of green pine, fresh cut grass, and the tangy flavor of perfectly ripe fruit (such as in luxurious perfumes) are all integral to human thinking.

Accordingly, when a spa leans into scents that have a natural, sweet, fruity impression, that’s helpful. Supporting such aromatherapy with visual therapeutic cues is even better. Human beings aren’t controlled by our senses, but we’re deeply influenced by them, and floral décor helps stimulate healthy subconscious thinking conducive to relaxation overall.

Enhancing Residential or Commercial Spas
There are lots of reasons that plants in a spa, be it residential or commercial, tend to enhance relaxation. Natural environments stimulate subconscious thinking intrinsically, visual cues are similarly psychologically impacting, and plants literally clean the air, and have clear psychological benefits. Altogether, a spa without plants does not realize its full potential. In addition, these plants make for the most stunning spa photography!

Author Bio: Shristi Patni 

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