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How Good Sleep Habits Can Change Your Life - Spa Industry Association
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When it comes to healthy living and the good habits that come with it, the first things that come to mind will often revolve around healthy eating, regular exercise, a balanced lifestyle and general self care. With this being said, an aspect of your health that has a huge impact on everything from mood and motivation to energy and concentration is in regard to your sleep habits – an aspect of health in which the benefits are often overlooked.

There are a number of areas of sleep health that can have a huge impact on your health on a day to day basis, but also on how you live and age in the long term. Unlike other areas of health, your approach to managing sleep schedule and habits can come down to a few small habits that have exponential influence on your health. 

Sleep Disorders Are More Common Than You Might Expect

While general sleep habits are one thing, it is important to first have a good understanding of sleep disorders – obstructive sleep apnea alone is just one example that affects approximately 10% of all adults, with differing symptoms depending on gender, body type, lifestyle and more. 

Essentially, sleep apnea means that your airways will be restricted throughout sleep, leading to stopping and starting in breathing. While this can be dangerous in itself, additional symptoms of sleep apnea can range from snoring and waking up with a headache, to being tired and feeling cloudy throughout the day. 

While awareness surrounding sleep apnea is particularly low given the percentage of adults it impacts, treatment is straightforward and will usually be best approached with use of a CPAP machine from a provider such as CPAP Direct. Determining whether you may benefit from CPAP technology is straightforward through testing with the same provider of your choice, and is the best first step anyone can take to managing sleep health. 

The Sleep Habits That Matter

Once the possibility of more significant factors that might be impacting your sleep health are considered, your focus can be shifted to the smaller habits that can still have a substantial impact on your health. 

Firstly, consider your sleep schedule – going to bed and waking up at consistent times is key in having good sleep health, and will help you in implementing a routine. Within this routine, you should consider avoiding eating before bed, staying away from screens in the hours before you go to sleep, and aiming to get seven hours of sleep a night. These are measures you can take to ensure that the sleep you get is of a high quality and that you wake up feeling rested and awake. 

In addition to routine, you should consider how your overall diet and exercise habits impact the quality of your sleep. Considering these aspects of your lifestyle is crucial in being healthy in the first place – however, the impact that they have is exponential when you consider how your sleep is affected. 

The Impacts of Healthy Sleep Habits

In employing healthy approaches to sleep, the benefits that you might see can be extensive, and in many cases life changing. While implementing the right changes can take dedication and discipline, you’ll see potential benefits across almost every aspect of your life. 

An important consideration to make is regarding how sleep habits impact mental health. Waking up every morning feeling well rested will mean that you are implementing productive routines and schedules, and are more motivated and better able to concentrate (whether it is at work or in your personal life). Furthermore, good sleep habits will result in a more comfortable and alert state of mind throughout the day, aiding in everything from networking to driving safely. Finally, sleep habits are crucial in helping to minimise the impact or occurrence of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

In regard to physical health benefits, healthy sleeping ensures that you wake up feeling energetic and productive – this is beneficial whether in regard to exercise, work or just productivity in general. It will ensure that exercise leaves you feeling alert, rather than exhausted. Finally, healthy sleeping has been proven to increase life expectancy substantially – sticking to around seven hours of sleep on a consistent basis will prolong your life, whereas sleeping too much or too little will do the opposite. 

The Sleep Accessories That Will Help Your Approach to Sleep Health

When it comes to approaching sleep health and implementing changes in a manner that is straightforward and as easy as possible, there are a few things you might want to consider adding into your routine. These include the more obvious things such as alarm clocks and an eye mask, however the mattress and pillows you are using are also important. 

Mattress technology has evolved significantly in recent years, with ‘bed in a box’ options offering convenience, comfort, and support that will provide you with high quality sleep. Consider factors such as breathability, firmness, edge support, and size – the right choice for you will make all the difference in how you sleep. 

Finally, as explained earlier, CPAP equipment can impact sleep quality dramatically – sleep disorders can mean that while someone might spend seven hours in bed, they have only been properly sleeping for half that time. In addressing sleep apnea and ensuring that your airways are properly supported throughout sleep, you’ll be able to address sleep disorder symptoms and see significant health advantages as a whole.

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