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— Business-Boosting Insights: Part 1 of 5 —

When consumers decide to pursue skincare treatments, they embark on a journey of about three months that typically involves multiple steps.1 This means that at various points in their decision-making process, these consumers—potential clients at your spa—may be researching treatments and payment options, visiting day spas, consulting with family and friends, and considering their personal finances.

Here is a typical path your clients may follow when they’re considering skincare treatments:

1. Research treatment options.

Spa clients begin by conducting online research on the treatments they’re interested in and providers (such as the estheticians at your spa) who offer those treatments.

2. Research day spas.

Next, your potential clients focus on the individuals who provide the targeted treatment. If your spa provides the service they’re interested in, they may investigate your reputation online, call your spa to ask questions, and reach out to friends and family who have experience with your spa or the treatment of interest.

3. Conduct additional research on treatments and costs.

As skincare clients continue their online research, they also start to think about cost. They may call one or more spas to ask about fees for their treatment of interest.

4. Consider finances.

Spa clients spend time looking at their personal finances and researching costs online. They may begin to consider payment options at this point.

5. Make the purchase.

The moment of truth: The potential client becomes an actual client with the decision to purchase their chosen treatment or service. Payment options are still part of the conversation all the way up to the point of purchase.

Be prepared to help clients move forward at every step.

In 2018, the average decision-making process for clients considering skincare treatments took 86 days.1 Eighty-three percent of clients researched the treatment itself, while 74 percent researched payment.1 This lengthy decision-making process presents many opportunities for your spa to communicate with potential clients and offer information they welcome and value. Here are some key considerations:

  • Clients are often very open to finding new spa locations rather than continuing with their current spa. This means it’s important to support your existing spa clients during their decision-making process.
  • Because skincare clients may consider multiple spas, your opportunity to attract new clients is also significant, particularly if you provide the information, access, and payment options they’re seeking.
  • An informative website is important for your spa. Strong search engine performance can be helpful, while social media, message boards, and other digital channels may also draw clients who are conducting online research.
  • Personal referrals are powerful, so encouraging current spa clients to refer friends and family could have a strong impact on your business.
  • Many skincare clients have expressed interest in credit-based financing options or indicated they’ve derived lasting value from such options. However, they may not be aware that these financing options are available to them. Offering a financing solution like the CareCredit health, wellness, and personal care credit card, displaying it prominently, and offering it to every client can help your spa differentiate itself from others, attract new clients, and increase satisfaction and loyalty among current clients.

More insights are on the way! Watch for part two of this five-part series.

Next month, we’ll discuss how to tune in to emotional cues to help boost your business and increase client loyalty.

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1 CareCredit Path To Purchase — Cosmetic, 2018.


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