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How To Add Cannabis Into Your Self-Care Routine? - Spa Industry Association
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The constant need to juggle between the tightrope of work and family sometimes makes us forget our needs. Often while fulfilling our responsibilities, we tend to sideline the right nutrition and care, which can have a terrible effect on our health in the long run.

Good health is not something we can achieve in a day. It takes gradual and consistent efforts to adapt to such a lifestyle and habit. Getting there might require us to follow a self-care routine that is sustainable and achievable. The search for a supplement that can help support such a routine is inevitable.

One natural supplement that’s gaining a lot of popularity in this area is cannabis. After its legalization, the enthusiasm towards the herb is paramount and users are keen to learn about its scope and usability in everyday life. As more people are adopting cannabis, the ground question remains how it can become a part of our daily lives? With plenty of cannabis products, it might not be as difficult as it may seem. Here are some simple tips that can get you started.

1.  Try Cannabis Edibles to Improve Digestion and Appetite

Munchies that people experience after ingesting cannabis aren’t entirely psychological. The interference of cannabis with the  ECS can modulate your appetite and hunger.  THC in cannabis can combine with certain receptors to restore sound eating habits.

Cannabis edibles can stimulate your appetite to meet your daily needs of fiber as well as nutritional goals. Cannabis also supports great digestive health by reducing any gut inflammation for an effortless bowel movement. People who suffer from poor eating habits or nausea can also benefit hugely from consuming cannabis before their meals.  

2.  As a Pre-workout to Advance Your Exercise

Recent discoveries regarding the benefits of cannabis in boosting exercise performance are promising.  A study conducted on the use of cannabis as a pre-workout supplement reported an increase in the testosterone level, the hormone responsible for muscle growth.

Places where marijuana is legal, many individuals like to add cannabis to their pre or post-workout ritual. They concur that the herb helps increase their workout performance and improve the overall experience.  The THC element in cannabis can help boost energy and increase agility while the CBD can help you relax mentally to perform with acuity.

Some people like to pair steroids and THC for faster muscle growth and recovery. You can buy steroids online to advance your fitness routine. One of the easiest ways to incorporate cannabis in your fitness life is to add them into your pre or post-workout meals. However, cooking with cannabis requires decarboxylation to experience its benefits, make sure you heat cannabis at the right temperature to release its active compounds.

3.  Nighttime Vaping for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the critical aspects of our general wellbeing. While muscles recover, our mind receives its due rest during sleep. One night of improper sleep can increase our daytime grogginess and impact productivity the following day. The long term sleeplessness springs perils like stress and disturbs our hormonal balance.

Cannabis may act as a natural sleep enhancer that can help you get a sound sleep. CBD rich strains can help reduce stressors like Rapid Eye Movement during sleep hours ensuring that your mind receives complete rest. You can choose CBD dominant strain or CBD oil to reap the relaxing benefits of cannabis.

4.  To Enhance Your Creativity

Cannabis has always been a point of attraction amongst artists and creatives. Closely associated with better creativity and skill enhancement, users are intrigued by the value cannabis can add to their life.

A study indicates cannabis to be effective in increasing divergent thinking among the participants who estimated themselves as non-creative thinkers. While cannabis may or may not increase your creativity directly, it might enhance your sensory perception, thus minimizing creative blocks and hurdles.

5.  Vaping to Reduce Stress

The chemical structure of cannabis makes it suitable for the Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system contains a mesh of a neural network that controls various homeostatic functions, including stress, anxiety, and mood.

Cannabis interacts with our system to modulate chemical activities, altering our stress and mood perception. The CBD element in cannabis interacts with the brain’s dopamine receptors and brings a feeling of calmness. Alternatively, you can choose to dab the concentrates or shatters to experience immediate results.

6.  Topicals To Reduce Pain or Inflammation

Gladly oral consumption is not the only way to ingest cannabis. The presence of CB receptors under our skin surface makes its topical application viable to reap many potential benefits of cannabis.

Since cannabis shows high anti-inflammatory properties, CBD lotions and creams are a rage in the cosmetology industry. CBD oil for pain is widely used. Many users also prefer cannabis transdermal patches as it is an easy and discreet way to ingest cannabis into your system.

7.  Improve Sex Life With CBD

The interaction of cannabis with the ECS has many facets as it can modulate and regulate hormones and influence mood, which can have an impact on your sexual life as well. Cannabis can increase stimulation and enhance the blood flow in the sexual organs for increased sensitivity.

Studies suggest cannabis can increase sexual drive and arousal among some users. Cannabis can help reduce muscle tension and manage anxiety; thus, one can enjoy sex without any physical and mental pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD lubricants and salves can reduce dryness and make the act less painful, especially for women.

Individual results of cannabis may vary hugely from one person to another. Your internal chemistry, including your mindset, and mood, have a  significant role in your experience. To begin with, you can try micro-dosing on it and gradually work your way up. Choosing your perfect strain and potency can be daunting, so often, help from an expert can save you a lot of time and energy. Lastly, do take diligent care of the legalities of using cannabis in your area.

The Bottom Line

There are many things one must keep in mind while developing a self-care routine. Mental and physical health remains to be pertinent aspects of it. Proper exercise, the right nutrition, and supplements can help us stay on track and bring us vitality. When used responsibly and under the right guidance, cannabis can be a gamechanger to your self-care routine.