Do you run a day spa? Perhaps you aren’t as booked as you would like, and you are looking for additional ways to bring new clients in or get existing clients to spend more time with you. Take a look at some of these suggestions, and discover how you can ensure you are staying busy, no matter the time of year.  

Consider Running a Special or Promotion 

If you aren’t getting the foot traffic you would like, it might be time to run a special or promotion. This could be limited to only products, the services you offer, or both. Consider giving new clients a certain percentage off, and a different percentage for those that are existing. Or perhaps you could have a sale day. The choice is yours on how you would like to run your business, just remember to think about what would be the best way for enticing people to continue using your services, products, or both.  

Start Offering New Services 

Size up the competition in your area and find out what sort of services they are offering clients. Is there something they have that your spa does not? Now might be a good time to add to your services. This could mean anything from your staff having additional training to advertising what you are now offering. The point is to fill in the gap that is missing between your clients and what they are looking for. Possible treatments might include types of massages, facials, or even full-body treatments that are becoming more common in spas across the country.  

Provide Treatments That Are in Demand 

Maybe you offer many of the same services as your competition does, but not the same types of treatments. Two common add-ons that many spas are offering today are seaweed body wraps and paraffin wax treatments. These might be just what your business needs to get an extra boost in revenue, and might be the type of treatments your customers have been looking for. Keeping up with what is popular in your local area or even within trendy parts of the country can make a difference in who is using your services. Do some research to stay up-to-date on trending treatments in your area. 

Find New Ways to Advertise 

Discover how your customers are finding out about certain deals or where they are getting in touch with your competition. Social media might be the best way to grab their attention if they are part of the younger crowd, whereas older individuals might be more interested in direct mailing or similar types of promotion. If you attract young and old clients alike, it can be helpful to use a combination of methods so you can feel confident that they stay in touch with you, while keeping them aware of the deals that are going on. This can be a good way to start the sales process.  

Offer a Bring-a-Friend Deal  

Many spa-goers enjoy the company of a friend when they go for a session. Consider having a deal that encourages them to bring a friend for a percentage off. This can be a good method of introducing new clients to the spa while getting your current ones to bring them. If you can cultivate a welcoming atmosphere where people feel comfortable bringing their friends and getting the treatments they want, they are more likely to come back for future sessions.  


There are many ways that you can keep your spa busy and ensure consistent bookings. Find out what treatments are in demand and start offering new services. Having a special or promotion to advertise this can make a big difference. Consider new ways to advertise your business, and even offer a day where clients can bring a friend to experience everything your spa has to offer.