Treating yourself to a spa trip will surely help to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. With its soothing ambience and treatments, a spa can help melt your stress and worries away. This can be extra helpful, especially if you are having a rough week and need to destress.   

However, taking a daily or weekly trip to the spa can be expensive. But this doesn’t mean that this experience is limited to commercial establishments when you can easily enjoy this at home! 

You can create your own spa and indulge in the most relaxing experience at home. This way, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for an hour of treatment. The best thing is you get to enjoy it any time you want.   

To help you out, below are some steps to building your own spa experience at home:   

Invest In A Hot Tub   

A spa is only ever complete with a hot tub. Immersing in relaxing warm water can instantly make you feel calm and at peace with your environment. Investing in a hot tub from suppliers like Trueform Spas would be great. This way, you can quickly soak in warm or hot water any time of the day.   

With your hot tub, you can always elevate your experience by adding delicate rose petals to your bath. This doesn’t have to be something romantic, but rather relaxing. This should create an enjoyable spa experience as this is something you don’t regularly do at home.   

Use Aromatherapy   

When you enter a spa, you are immediately greeted by a relaxing scent. This should help to instantly put you in a better mood, as aromatherapy has its way of influencing what you feel. You can use a relaxing scent in your room to recreate this experience. You can choose calming scents like lavender, jasmine, rose, and lemongrass.   

You can diffuse scents across the room using scented candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil diffusers, or create a linen spray and spread the scent around the room. Try to keep it subtle and light. Ensure that you don’t use too much fragrance as it can cause discomfort, such as headaches.   

Light Some Candles   

Using candles will always be one of the best and quickest ways to achieve a relaxing spa experience at home. The candles’ warm glow can help make the room feel soothing and peaceful. As you take a dip in the tub, you can light some candles and let their warm glow envelop you.   

Additionally, scented candles can be a good form of aromatherapy, allowing you to simultaneously bask in the soft light and breathe in a relaxing scent.   

Play Relaxing Music   

Indulging your senses should be a complete experience. Apart from what you see and smell, you should also focus on what you hear. A spa usually plays relaxing music that helps to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. You can recreate this ambience at home by playing relaxing tunes in the background.  

You can play classical, zen, and jazz music or nature sounds inside your spa room. You can also install speakers for a fuller sound. For convenience, portable speakers are a great choice.  

Buy Comfortable Robes   

When you go for a spa treatment, you are required to change from your regular clothes to the most luxurious and comfortable robe. Ideally, you should purchase a white robe that feels luxurious and soft. You can choose a cotton spa bathrobe with a waffle pattern that feels good on your skin.   

Give Yourself A Full Skincare Treatment   

A spa treatment often includes some skincare ritual. To pamper yourself with the same level of luxury, you can indulge in a complete skincare treatment even at home, including a full-body or mud mask.   

You can also apply a mask on your face, which will leave your skin with a radiant glow. This should help to make you feel relaxed and your skin rejuvenated at the same time.   

Prepare Your Favorite Drink   

Depending on your treatment or package, some establishments will offer you a drink upon entering the spa. It helps to keep you hydrated and relaxed during the session. Before giving yourself a spa treatment at home, you can prepare a cup or glass of your favorite drink.   

You can fix yourself a warm cup of coffee or tea. This should help to make you feel relaxed as its rich aroma and flavor can have a soothing effect on you.   


There are plenty of ways you can build your own spa experience at home. Not everything has to be costly, however. Play some relaxing music, or let yourself be at peace with your surroundings. Take a sip of your favorite drink as you breathe in your favorite scent. But if you’re willing to pay for a complete experience, getting a hot tub would surely be an excellent investment.