Are you launching a new spa service or salon? Note that you cannot attract clients only with good equipment. A powerful marketing company is crucial for your success. In the majority of cases, it will be an Internet company (despite your budget, ordering a billboard or TV advertisement is not a good idea in the beginning). As for the Internet, even a spa website is not enough. You need to pay attention to social media, the most powerful way to make people notice you today. Here, we’ll discuss how you should promote your salon or spa on social media. 

What Social Media Should You Choose?

The choice of proper social media is the first step. To make it right, you need to learn about your potential audience. For that, you need to do research or at least read some useful resources

As for social media, statistics show that we should be interested in four web services: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Why not the others? Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat are sphere-oriented. There, you will hardly find the audience interested in beauty salons or spas. Your potential clients are women, like in other spheres (online dating, jewelry shops, clothes brands). Even four leaders have some complications:

  • Youtube is very difficult in targeting local audiences. It is not that easy to promote a video (and, to tell the truth, a video that somehow concerns a spa or beauty salon can hardly go viral). 
  • Pinterest seems to be an ideal variant: specialization in beautiful pictures, easy-to-surf interface, and popularity among possible clients. However, it has the same problems: it is not for local target search. 

Anyway, it does not mean you cannot try any social media you like. Just note that promotion is a time-consuming activity. You need to make priorities, especially if you are just going to open a spa or salon. So, we’ve got two social media variants to focus on: Instagram and Facebook. Though the services have much in common, there are some peculiar moments you should consider. By the way, if you want to read more about social media promotion in the beauty sphere, we suggest reading this post

Strategies of Promotion a Spa or Beauty Salon

First, let’s consider what to begin with and what is suitable for both social media services. When you are interested in the target audience within your location, at first, you need to let people know everything about it. What you’ll need:

  • A good camera;
  • Minimal Photoshop skills (or any other powerful picture editing software);
  • A pack of questionnaires.

Regardless of the social network, you need to create its profile page. Here is what people should know about your salon:

  • Location and actual address;
  • Contacts: phone number, email address, accounts in messengers.
  • Contacts of your team or masters.
  • Photos of interior and exterior.

In both social networks, you can set a geotag for your establishment. See how to do it on Facebook or Instagram

You must promote not only your establishment but every master working for you. The success of your salon depends on them directly. So, put the links to their profiles in posts. Ask them to link to the salon on their personal pages as well. The content plan is a good idea, either. Ask your masters to post something concerning their specialization (photos, videos, interesting facts, FAQs, etc.) according to the schedule. 

The next step is making your salon recognizable. Take pictures of the exterior, a signboard, a shop window (if you have any), and interior (cabinets, a foyer, etc.) Try to picture your smiling and hospitable staff. As soon as you do it, you are ready to create the profiles of your salon and create social media content for it. 

Facebook Salon & Spa Promotion

The two very first things clients see when they visit your page are the profile picture (avatar) and background of the profile. An avatar should contain a logo of a salon (because it is the first and the most frequent picture a client will see in your posts). The background is a wide picture. Where you should place a result of your activity, here are some examples. According to Facebook rules, you can place some text (not more than 20% of background-size) with the name of the salon, contacts, or info about long-term discounts (-10% for all new clients, for instance). 

  • Instead of Instagram, where the main accent is made on pictures) Facebook concentrates mostly on text content. The most suitable posts for the Facebook salon page are:
  • Lessons and beauty tips. Tell your clients about new cosmetics or ways to apply them.
  • News about your salon or global beauty sphere news.
  • Involvement posts (questionnaires, posts asking to share opinion, discussions).
  • Sales – information about discounts, sales, and special offers.
  • Entertaining posts with real-life stories, interesting approaches to using spa or beauty salons, jokes, comic pictures, etc. 
  • Combination posts. For example, post a piece of advice on how to perform a procedure and suggest coming to the salon to let a professional make it.

The posts must appear periodically. The advertisement content must not take more than 20-30% of the volume and not be too frequent. As soon as you create some posts, start gathering your audience. Ask your Facebook friends to share your profile. Make an email delivery. A good way is to create a contest with a prize (a discount for a procedure, for example) and a share and like as conditions of participation. 

Do not forget to promote your Facebook in real life: print the link of visit cards, add it to the receipts. 

Another way to promote your social media accounts is offline questionnaires. Suggest each new client leaving their contact information (including social media accounts) for a minor appreciation. Then you can find them online and add them to friends. It is one of the ways to understand and improve clients’ experience in your salon. 

Instagram Salon Promotion

Instagram is simpler. You need to concentrate on two things: pictures and mass following. As for pictures, post everything that concerns the work of the salon: procedures, before and after comparisons, assortment, etc. Instagram is less concentrated on text, but in picture descriptions, you need to post hashtags involving statements. Ask more questions and conduct polls among your followers. Place some text on pictures directly (such pictures should take about 40% of content).

Mass following and mass liking are easy but time-consuming. Go to search, adjust search filters (your location, clients’ age), and start following everyone in the results. Like their profile pictures as well. People will be curious and will find your salon. 

As soon as you get your first clients and followers, they will promote your salon by themselves. Do not forget that work with social media should be constant: always update information and post something to prevent the algorithms from kicking. Communicate with people as well: qualified feedback can do miracles.

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