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How To Improve Your Concentration - Spa Industry Association
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Staying focused on any task can be almost impossible in the world of distraction we all live in nowadays. From social media to juggling complex work projects, it’s easy to lose our concentration.

Elevating your concentration starts with relaxing, and whatever you need to do to destress is perfect for achieving more significant focus. Perhaps you sip on herbal tea or enjoy CBD edibles to help you chill and set the mood for achieving deep concentration.

The good news is that to improve your concentration; you can follow the easy steps below to work-out your brain and re-discover the power of your innate attention.

1. Exercise Your Brain 

It’s not just your muscles that need exercise. Studies show that you will increase your attention and concentration when you play particular types of brain games. 

Another study, ‘Enhancing Cognitive Abilities,’ advises spending five days per week for a total of only fifteen minutes a day to build your focus.

Some concentration building games include:

  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Scrabble
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Solitaire
  • Word searches
  • Word scrambles
  • Memory games

2.  Make Meditation a Habit

Meditation is proven to offer relaxation and stress relief while strengthening your concentration. Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study reporting daily meditation will alter your brain’s structure, leading to increased attention, focus, and memory improvement. The researchers state, “Our minds are lost in thought 47 percent of the time, according to researchers at Harvard University.” 

When you meditate, you will focus deeply on a breath, work, or even an object. By releasing your thoughts, you will control your concentration, which stops your mind from wandering.

Daily meditation practice will offer you increased concentration, less anxiety, a better mood, and emotional regulation.

Sit in a darkened room and meditate daily. Your improved concentration will follow. 

3. Play Video Games 

Here’s some excellent news for all video game fans: playing video games may boost your focus and concentration! 

A  2018 video game study reports one hour of gaming can help your selective visual attention, which is your ability to focus on any given task. The study is now expanding to determine how long your selective visual attention will last after playing video games.

Another study reviews a total of 100 studies concerning the effects playing video games has on cognitive function. This study reports the act of playing video games can change parts of your brain by increasing your focus. 

Best of all, how to meditate is simple. Follow these steps to being your daily practice.

  • Sit in a comfortable position on a  chair, the floor, etc.
  • Focus on your breath. Just experience your breath.
  • For about three minutes, focus on breathing in and out, slowly,  by breathing through your belly, feeling your stomach expand,  and then exhaling through your nose,
  • Let your thoughts come and go but focus on your breath. With practice, your brain chatter will disappear.
  • Build this time up daily until you reach at least fifteen minutes.

4. Sleep Fuels Your Brain and Body

Sleep is a natural, magic elixir for your brain and entire body. Getting enough sleep will lead to better concentration, creativity, problem-solving, and much more. 

But all sleep is not equal. It would help if you experienced high-quality sleep, which means sleeping in a quiet, safe space for about eight hours. For those who toss and turn or wake up intermittently every night, sleep will not offer the natural therapeutic benefits our brains require.

Sleep deprivation may lead to sleep apnea and result in short-term daytime cognitive impairment, which in turn weakens your powers of concentration. Did you know ongoing lack of sleep can lead to cognitive decline, dementia, or even Alzheimer’s?

Make a plan to get a good night’s sleep. Stop using digital devices about an hour before your bedtime. Avoid caffeine after three PM. Aim to get between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Remember, your sleep time will be unique to you. 

5. Exercise Your Body & Your Focus Will Follow

Exercise is the key to keeping your mind in shape. Researchers discovered students who exercise moderately before taking an exam measuring their attention span performed much better than students who did not work out. 

Harvard University reports regular exercise assists our brain to focus and improve memory. The study reports that the brain’s memory and thinking functions found in the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex are larger than those who do not exercise. 

This study shows to improve memory and concentration, their students exercise 120 minutes per week, or two hours per week, at a moderate intensity level. By building up your time of exercise slowly, you will soon enjoy greater concentration.


If your concentration needs a reboot, consider playing brain games, meditation, enjoying video games, enjoying great sleep, and working out. We hope you enjoy our easy-to-follow guide ‘How To Improve Your Concentration.

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