There is a social media battle between Meta (Facebook & Instagram) versus Tik Tok, and small business owners are the casualties! Recently we’ve all experienced social media updates left and right with the roll out of new features that are given as quickly as they are taken away. At times it can feel impossible to learn and keep up with everything in the world of content creation, especially when you have 30 other things to do personally and professionally. If you’ve experienced this annoyance, we have solutions for you! Read on to find out how to *enjoy* creating video content for your small business.

Establish Trust

Think of what someone has to do in order to gain your trust. As human beings, we crave honesty and transparency. We know we’ve found a good friend when they’re dependable and easy to reach. Another reassuring factor is if we know someone else trusts this new friend. Apply all of this to your content on social media! Be truthful and clear with your message. Respond intentionally and promptly when followers reach out. Don’t be afraid to share reviews and testimonials from past clients. Testimonials are a great representation of your character and work ethic.

Recommendation: Ask a long standing client/customer to record a 30 second video testimonial for you. Provide them with an example and offer an incentive for the video.

Provide Informative Content

Once you’ve gained your audience’s trust, they will be more inclined to learn from you. This is the easy part…post about what you know! There’s a reason you chose your line of work, whether you’re just starting out or a well seasoned business owner, nobody should know your business better than you. Sit down and think about what you’ve learned along the way and what you want to share with others, then post about it! You’re a professional. You’ve got this! 

Recommendation: Think about the most common questions you receive from clients/customers. For real estate professionals this might be, the current seller stats for a certain zip code. From there craft video content talking about this exact point, sharing your knowledge!

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal

You can be professional without being stale and respectable without being generic. What makes you, you? Bringing your personality to your page will help others who are like minded feel comfortable reaching out. You’re no longer just a business trying to sell them on products, you’re a person with similar interests that they want to connect with!

Recommendation: Start a small get-to-know you video series. Begin with why you started your business, your history and professional background, where you see your future, and a little bit about you and your family or community.

Engage with Your Audience After Posting

Building a relationship is a two-way street. You have to make sure you’re doing your part to strengthen this connection. Think of the teachers and mentors you respect. What about them did you appreciate? Let this guide you as you’re teaching your audience. Be mindful of your interactions, and try to provide timely and informative responses. If they reach out to you and don’t get a response, chances are you lost them and someone with an answer gained them!

Recommendation: Offer a live Q&A on your stories once a month. This will allow your followers to ask questions about your brand or product. From there you can collect all your questions and respond real-time with a video following the live stream. 

Video Content Ideas

We know it can be daunting to come up with clever ideas, so we compiled a list to help you gain and keep followers! 

  1. Bring memes, quotes, and tweets to life by making a reel out of them. A relatable tweet with a solid background and a great song could help gain the attention of a new customer!
  1. Partner with other local businesses. Not only is it kind to support locals but it can be beneficial to you as well. Spreading the love can help you receive the love! 
  1. Create Day in the Life Reels.  These reels are a great way to blend personal and professional life. Your clients get a nice behind the scenes view of your life.
  1. Time static photos to trending audio.  You can gather photos that help embody your business to make this a fun and easy reel! Engaging with trending sounds is a nifty little way to give your content a helpful push in the algorithm! 
  2. Turn Instagram Story Highlights Into Reels.  This is another easy way to produce video content and reuse what you’ve already made!

Now you are prepared for combat the ever changing need for video content on social media! You are now armed with resources and supplied with clever ideas.  

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