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How To Turn Your Home Into Your Own Personal Health Spa - Spa Industry Association
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You don’t have to make a special trip to a health spa to pamper yourself. Instead, take an hour to soak in a tub by candle light, meditate with aromatherapy or apply a facial mask. As long as you can find a place to relax in your home, you can make your own private resort specific to your needs. What happens at the spa doesn’t have to stay at the spa. Here are some ways to bring a health resort’s perks into your own home.

Go Swimming

Relaxation and stress management are two of the most popular reasons for visiting a spa. What better way is there to alleviate stress than to have a swim after a hard day’s work? A dip in a pool can help you unwind, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. Check out inground pool prices if you want to swim your worries away in your own backyard. Swimming is a great way to exercise for several reasons. First, you’re able to keep your heart rate up without adding the extra stress to your joints. Your increased heart rate is an indication that you’re burning calories, which can help you to maintain healthy weight. Second, swimming tones your muscles, and regular swimming builds your overall strength. Third, the movements you’re doing when swimming affect your entire body. Unlike jogging, something that only works your legs, swimming uses nearly all of your muscles. It’s a great way to keep your entire body strong.

Apply a Mask

If you have a skin ailment, you’re sure to find a mask that can help. What are your skin concerns? Do you have acne, dark spots, inflammation, or dry or oily skin? If you answered yes to any of these, applying a mask can help. Pay attention to what ingredients are in each mask before making a purchase. Some key components to watch for are salicylic acid, aloe vera, azelaic acid, vitamin C and sulfur. Choose from many different types of masks, as they each have unique perks. For instance, mud deep cleans, clay revitalizes and fruit enzymes exfoliate. Decide exactly what your goal is for your face before you choose a mask. If you don’t want to purchase a mask, you don’t have to! Create your own, instead. Face it, you’re busy and don’t have the time (or maybe even the desire) to choose a mask. It may be easier for you to use common household products to create one. If you want to make the experience more enjoyable, draw yourself a hot bath, light some candles and relax. Your entire body is going to thank you for such a calming time.

Give Your Hair Care

You might be surprised to learn that masks aren’t only for your face; they can be used on feet, hands, eyes or even hair. Hair masks are meant to moisturize. They are beneficial to use if you have dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Depending on the type of hair mask you use determines the amount of time it has to stay in your hair. Some only take 20 minutes while others can be rinsed out after a few hours. Essentially, this is a way to deeply condition your hair, which is why it’s a vital treatment for extremely dry hair. However, anyone can benefit from a hair mask. If you have healthy hair, don’t apply the mask at the roots. Instead, administer the mask mid-shaft down to the ends. This is going to make your hair shiny, soft and strong without weighing it down.

Taking time for yourself doesn’t mean you need to go somewhere to get pampered. Why are you waiting for a spa appointment when you can be your own walk-in client? Choose any day you want to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay