Sunnier days are approaching – it’s time to unwind and rejuvenate with some luxurious self care. You deserve the best, so settle for nothing less. Perhaps you’re feeling bold and ready to pursue something new. In that case, look no further! The following recommendations are at the forefront of deluxe spa trends for the royalty in you.

Treat Yourself at the Spa

Any sumptuous spa retreat will include expert bodywork to carry you into a state of calm. To experience an even deeper level of relaxation, consider asking for a CBD massage. CBD salves and oils contain all the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound related to THC. There is a wide variety of spa packages available that include CBD products, so ask around to find one that suits you, and be prepared to feel amazing.

For a fascinating and effective skin treatment that is full of novelty, try a caviar and gold combination. Caviar contains trace minerals that contribute to cellular regeneration and the production of essential skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Meanwhile, gold can combat skin aging by exfoliating, tightening and reducing wrinkles. Expect a cleaning and a peeling before a special mixture of gold and caviar is added to your skin and massaged in. Then, a Vitamin C and gold mask are applied to seal the deal. You will feel like a new person at the end!

Finally, if you’ve never taken yourself to a float spa, you are missing out. Floating is a popular trend in the wellness sphere because it allows you to completely tune out of the world for an hour. Pods or pools of warm water are filled with pounds of industrial grade epsom salt, which dissolves and creates a liquid in which it is impossible for the human body to sink. Thus, you will lay suspended for an hour in a secluded bath with nothing but soothing lighting and music in the background. Floating helps to release muscle tension, anxiety, and stress related to screen use. You won’t regret giving this one a try.

Take Yourself on a Vacation

A long-awaited getaway is finally at your doorstep. Choosing a destination can be overwhelming, but just focus on a few characteristics that you want – remote, all-inclusive, or adventurous – and narrow down your selection that way. 

Likewise, selecting a region of the world that calls your attention can get your wanderlust flowing in the right direction. Of course, it always helps to be open to recommendations from others, and signs from the universe that cross your path and tell you where to go next.

If you’re seeking warm, tropical vibes, check out these cruises from Tampa that are jam-packed with beautiful sight seeing and upscale amenities. Take a food and wine tour through the Mediterranean or patronize a Colorado ski resort. Metropolitan destinations like Berlin and Shanghai offer exciting night life and cultural activities like art and music events. A rainforest retreat will ease all of your worries as you sit in a hammock above the canopy listening to the birds and sipping on a refreshing fruit juice.

Spending ample time away from your career and strained relationships can work wonders for your overall wellness. 

Self care isn’t selfish – it means you are invested in your own happiness and you choose to prioritize it so that you can share it with others. This spring, plan something incredible for yourself down to the last detail. Doing so will cleanse and detoxify your system, release any pent up emotional energy, boost your confidence, and send you back into the world with fierce ambition and devotion to what matters most.