The life of a student can be quite challenging. Juggling assignments, catching up with the syllabus, preparing for the upcoming exams and trying to maintain your social life can seem impossible. A lot of stress can result from this thus affecting your academic performance and other areas in your life. What is the solution?

Develop a balance in all aspects of your life including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Since it is not easy to do this by yourself, various wellness centers provide wellness services for students

Here are 6 ways wellness services help students to destress

Social Wellness

This helps students develop good relationships with others. It helps students to examine their relationships with others and see whether there are any areas that need improvement.

Having a high level of social wellness will result in a good support system which is really beneficial especially during stressful times. A good support system can help you distress and feel much better about yourself and any difficult situation you may be going through.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness helps students develop their creativity by taking part in activities that are mentally-stimulating and creative. This learning process can be done by taking part in communal activities, through academics or through cultural activities.

Having such knowledge will broaden your view on matters and this will make you more tolerant and self-aware. Taking part in such activities is a great distraction from the stressful school environment.

Physical Wellness

At times, stress may be a result of not getting enough rest or not eating the right foods. Students are helped to develop physical wellness which aims at teaching proper care of the body in order to function as efficiently as possible. Physical wellness involves proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity.

Finding time to do all these may be a challenge due to the busy academic life. However, you can always make time since your physical well-being is more important. If you have a lot of assignments weighing you down, you can always get help with assignments so that you can have time to exercise and cook nutritious food for yourself. These activities are among the best ways to destress and improve your physical wellbeing

Spiritual Wellness

The main purpose of helping students develop spiritual wellness is to help them find a purpose in life and also develop a balance in life. Students learn how to appreciate what they go through in life, be it bad or good.

To develop spiritual wellness, one needs to deeply look inwards and understand themselves as well as what is going on outside. This helps students develop insight and find meaning in life.

Emotional Wellness

In order to develop emotional wellness, students are taught how to find a balance between their positive and negative emotions. Whenever they experience negative emotions, they are taught how to analyze them in order to dig into the source of the problem and find a solution to the problem.

This is one of the best stress relieving activities for students as it helps them develop good relationships as well have an optimistic attitude towards life. Once an emotional balance is attained, students will make decisions objectively and will always have a positive attitude towards life despite any difficulties they may be facing.

Occupational Wellness

Whether you are working or not, you still need to develop occupational wellness as a student. The aim of occupational wellness is to help you develop a positive attitude towards your job or the course you are doing. It helps you develop conflict management skills and also set realistic goals for yourself.

Have a positive attitude and pursuing a career that you love will definitely reduce the stress in your life


No doubt, there is an enormous amount of stress in educational facilities. However, with the right wellness services, you can be trained to develop occupational, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and environmental wellness. All these contribute to inner peace as well as a broader view of life which helps you be more tolerant and insightful.

Although you may not be able to attain a perfect balance in all these, working on each of them based on where your strength and weakness lies will definitely contribute to a reduction of stress in your life. Seeking wellness services is definitely worth your time both in the long run and in the short run.

 Sandra Larson is a writer and also a wellness instructor. She thrives in helping students get through the stressful environment through counselling and also writing articles that share tips on how to cope with stress at school. Sandra also takes her own advice by taking time to pursue her hobbies during her free time.