When someone comes to your spa and is complaining of pain that they can feel in their neck or their back or is simply just looking for a treatment that will ease them a bit, they often leave feeling refreshed and revitalised. They also often leave requesting further advice. If someone suffers from aches and pains, then it is no surprise that they are going to want to be in the know about how they can stay on top of managing said aches and pains. Whilst this much is clear, it can be tough knowing exactly what you should tell your patients. Different pieces of advice that you can offer are all going to be outlined in more detail below.

Book Repeat Appointments

Whilst your spa operates in the interest of helping people who need to relax and alleviate pain, it is also a business. You should see this request for knowledge on how to move forward as a good opportunity to practice client retention. You can offer advice on small remedies that the client can do from the comfort of their own home; however, they are not going to be able to experience the full sensation they currently have unless they book another appointment. As such, why not see if they would like to visit again soon and pencil them in?

Remind Them to See Their Doctor If Things Get Bad

Whilst spa appointments are incredibly helpful when it comes to relieving pain, customers generally must book in advance to get an appointment, which it won’t surprise you to learn is something that can take a bit of time. As such, patients might become a bit paranoid when facing the interim period between appointments if their pain begins to get quite bad. You should be sure to set their minds at ease and let them know that there are many ways that they can see to any pain that might arise. Remind them that if things do get bad then they should contact their doctor or seek professional medical advice. This has never been easier to do thanks to apps and resources such as nhsgp.net so be sure to let them know about this solution moving forward.

A Warm Bath

One of the best ways that someone can relieve some stress or tension is by getting a warm bath so be sure to recommend this. Again, you can see this as a business opportunity as you can start selling bath salts and candles which will all be able to add to the experience. There is no getting away from the fact that all these steps put together can lead to a very relaxing experience that clients will likely appreciate in between their appointments.


After a customer has visited your spa, they might want to know what they can do moving forward to keep relaxed and continue to alleviate any pain they may have had before the appointment. If you are unsure what to say, then why not consider the above.