Susanna DiSotto was a powerful and beautiful woman. She made a positive impact in every one of her endeavors and she left a footprint in our industry which will remain forever.
Behind her strong and professional demeanor was a kind and caring human being; someone who found something positive in everyone and every situation. Above all, Susanna had a sense of humility and grace under pressure which set her apart as a leader and advisor.

Susanna Disotto also possessed a presence which was larger than life. When she entered a room everyone in it knew she arrived. Success can be measured in many different ways. You could consider someone successful if they excelled in their line of work, or you might measure success by the number of people they have influenced or mentored or trained throughout their career.

You might judge success by the number of true friends someone has, or you can also consider someone successful if as a spouse or parent they have nurtured a loving and caring family.

By each and all of these measurements, Susanna DiSotto’s success is immeasurable; Susanna has left an indelible mark on every life she has so beautifully touched during her all too short lifetime.

When Susanna was the Vice-President of our Professional skincare division, I had the opportunity to work closely with her and I will remember the many discussions we had, some business related and others related to life, family and the world around us. At the end of each discussion I was able to reflect on what she taught me in that brief moment.

I will always remember Susanna as an esteemed and respected colleague and friend.

Steven Rosenfeld
The F.C. Sturtevant Company