Julie Pankey has been working in the spa and wellness industry for over 25 years. After all of these years, she is still passionate about growing our industry and inspiring the future leaders of our industry so that one day we may see wellness for all. Julie’s other life passion is her family. Her husband Gary is her number one fan. Julie looks forward to every Friday with her adorable granddaughter Layla, she calls it #familyfriday. Julie also loves animals, she has two dogs and two cats. Julie is a #rescuedogmom and the latest addition to the family is Bronx, a black lab great dane rescue from Mississippi. When not traveling for work, Julie enjoys traveling for fun with her husband and dogs or you can find her at home in Southern Maine enjoying her yard and the seacoast.

I have learned that I work in a very giving and kind industry where there are so many of us that have each others backs through good time and struggles. I have also learned that spa is still often thought as a luxury and I look forward to the day that spa is viewed as preventative medicine and part of everyones overall wellness strategy,” said Julie.

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