Since 2012, Smartwaiver has offered the most trusted solution for digital liability waivers.

Smartwaiver takes your liability waivers and turns them into customizable, digital smart waivers that you can easily share with your guests via website, email, SMS text, and more.

We Just Got Better!

As software leaders in the wellness industry, Smartwaiver and Mindbody share a commitment to providing smart, secure, and efficient tools that help our customers streamline their businesses. To better serve our clients in the wellness industry, we’ve integrated with Mindbody Online.

This means:

  • Less time creating new user profiles
  • You get the right information every time
  • Fewer clerical errors

In a few easy steps, you can sync your MBO account to your Smartwaiver account and start collecting digital liability waivers and creating new user profiles in minutes.

What Next?

If you’re an existing MBO user, try Smartwaiver for free and see for yourself why over 13,000 customers trust Smartwaiver with their liability waivers.

Learn more about the Smartwaiver + Mindbody integration by visiting us online.

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