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Utilizing Patented Oxfoliation and the Body’s Natural Superpowers, the New Glo2Facial Delivers Clean, Calm and Naturally Hydrated Skin

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Big news bubbled up today as Geneo reintroduced its patented Oxfoliation treatment as the Glo2Facial – launching its new brand and sharing its vision to become the treatment of choice by consumers and professionals worldwide.

The launch of Glo2Facial by Geneo brings a fresh look to the treatment that both estheticians and consumers have been falling in love with since 2015 but has recently taken off with the launch of the Geneo X, its next-generation technology. This sophisticated and clinical treatment is based on a 3-step process of Oxfoliation, LUX (lite ultrasound experience) and detoxification, delivering immediate and long-lasting results leaving clients with clean, calm, naturally hydrated skin. The Glo2Facial by Geneo works with everything and is for everyone.

With the unveiling of the Glo2Facial, this new beginning for Geneo comes as the brand expands its availability nationwide under the direction of a new leadership team with Clint Carnell at its helm. Carnell is the former CEO of BeautyHealth, building the category with the HydraFacial brand from 2016 to its IPO in 2021, a top-performing stock that year. Carnell previously led Solta Medical and built the Thermage, Fraxel and Clear + Brilliant brands. He is also the founder and board member of OrangeTwist, a leading chain of treatment shops for body, face and skin.

In 2022, after leaving BeautyHealth, Carnell founded Greyspace Advisors, a firm dedicated to simplifying strategy and accelerating execution. Carnell recognized an opportunity to partner with Lumenis to build Geneo into a global brand. “I was excited to partner with Tzipi, CEO of Lumenis, to build upon their early success with additional strategy, an exceptional team, and a commitment to education, service, support and quality outcomes for our providers,” said Clint Carnell.

“The Glo2Facial brand personality is the perfect balance of sophistication and playfulness – a direct reflection of our Xtipreneurs, consumers and the treatment experience,” said Rosemarie Holcomb, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Geneo. “Our unique identity combined with simple, clear messaging will allow us to pierce through the noise, building a brand consumers will ask for by name. You can expect to see us connecting consumers directly with our Xtipreneurs through highly experiential, multi-dimensional activations – because… you’ll know it when you feel it.”

Completely customizable, the Glo2Facial is for all consumers and any skin type. For more information and to find a local treatment provider, please visit

About Glo2Facial 
It starts with patented Oxfoliation technology, a game-changer for aesthetics, increasing the body’s oxygen levels naturally, creating both a bubbly and nutrient-rich environment on the skin while exfoliating away dirt and debris. It then uses the LUX (lite ultrasound experience) to aid in nutrient absorption and lymphatic drainage to naturally detoxify the skin from within. The results are clean, calm, naturally hydrated skin which the brand calls rebalanced beauty. Glo2Facial is available with six non-invasive customizations using natural botanicals that are activated right on the skin. Each targets a variety of skincare concerns, from fighting breakouts to reducing the visible signs of aging, each option is personalized for every age, skin type and season. This is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin – you’ll know it when you feel it! To find a provider near you, visit 

About Geneo 
Health & beauty – it’s in our DNA. Born out of two great companies, the name Geneo is inspired by its root word “gene,” paying homage to the parent company Lumenis, experts in aesthetics technology, and the developers Pollogen, innovators in skincare, who together created the perfect balance of science and artistry in Geneo. Lumenis partnered with Greyspace Advisors, founded by Clint Carnell and team of Eddie Yoon, Aubrey Rankin, Rosemarie Holcomb, and Gary Berman.

About Greyspace 
Greyspace was founded on the principle of simplifying strategy and accelerating execution for its partner companies. The Greyspace team are experts in category creation along with generating extraordinary returns on human and financial capital.