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Is Pilates good for weight loss? Yes, but Lagree achieves it better!
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Reasons Why Pilates is Good for Weight Loss 

Pilates is a highly popular, low-impact form of exercise. Pilates is known for building lean muscle mass, improving posture and overall muscle tone. Pilates is great for overall health and it also helps to maintain a healthy weight.  

It’s true that when it comes to losing weight, Pilates may not be as effective as other intensive cardio workouts like swimming or running or strength training. Pilates was created to improve total core strength and enhance your mind to muscle connections using movements that contribute to body awareness. The amount of calories burned in a Pilates class won’t compare to what you would get in a more intense workout session.  

Pilates will always have a strong stance in the fitness world. Because of it’s low-impact nature, the workout can be done through all stages of life since injury risk is minimal and there is no direct impact on your joints. If weight loss is your primary goal, we suggest combining your pilates-style workout with some other form of exercise as well as a healthy diet. You could opt for strength training or cardio such as cycling, running, walking, and swimming to pair it up with! 

What Does the Research Say? 

The jury is still out when it comes to Pilates classes for weight loss. The reviews are mixed. However, a study took place in 2017 in which 37 obese women aging between 30-50 participated. 

At the end of the study, researchers found that regular Pilates was great for -  

  • Losing weight 
  • Lowering Body Mass Index (BMI) 
  • Reducing hip and abdomen circumference 
  • Toning of the waist 

The lean body mass, however, remained unaffected. Lean body mass is the body fat subtracted from the total weight. 

What is Lagree? 

Lagree Fitness is a method created by Sebastian Lagree after 15+ years of deep and intense research into how to create a method that has everything you need in a low-impact setting. 

Lagree was a former Pilates instructor who noticed that most of his clients were looking for a more comprehensive and wholesome workout to complement the Pilates sessions. Pilates alone was not giving them what they needed – they wanted more. 

Lagree took this knowledge and all that Pilates had to offer such as flexibility, muscular strength, and core stability and infused it with a more high-intensity, low-impact, and dynamic workout.  

He realized that in order to make it possible, he needed to create a special kind of machine to fit this new format. And, that’s the story of how the Megaformer (the machine) and the Lagree method was born. 

Reasons why Lagree is Good for Weight Loss 

One of the main reasons why Lagree is so effective for losing weight is that it’s a high-intensity workout. When done correctly (like any style of fitness), the Lagree method can produce great results. It gets the heart pumping in a way that Pilates doesn’t aim for. Lagree gives a more complete, overall workout in the fact that it incorporates all muscle groups rather than focusing on one muscle group in particular. Therefore this makes the Lagree Method a full-body workout


The Science Behind Lagree 

The body has an emergency response which it deploys during most forms of exercise. This means that at the beginning of most workouts the body will initially use glycogen for energy. However, after some time when the body realizes it’s no longer in that fight-or-flight state, it will switch over to using fat for turning it into energy. 

Until now, most health experts thought that the period of ‘fat burning’ was the optimal time window for weight loss and achieving health. But, research now tells us that the opposite is true. When the body is in the fight-or-flight response where it’s fighting for survival, that’s the timing when you can truly change your body’s metabolism for good. Most gains happen during this window since muscle oxidation hasn’t begun yet.  

Excessively intensive workouts can lead to more muscle damage than the body can realistically repair. This is one reason why most muscle losses happen during the 2nd half-hour of exercise. It can also lead to chronic muscle fatigue and other health issues because the body has to live with damaged ligaments and tissues. 

This does not mean that longer forms of fitness don’t have benefits. Proper training (in all fields of fitness) comes from being under the influence of proper knowledge. To become Lagree certified you must complete an in-depth, comprehensive training program to teach the method. This guarantees that you’ll be in good hands with any Lagree class you take. 


What Else You Can Expect From Lagree Fitness 

Other than weight loss and overall fitness, here is what else you can expect from the Lagree method: 

  • Better endurance and muscle strength 
  • Better flexibility 
  • Improvement in cardiorespiratory endurance 
  • Stronger joints and skeletal system 
  • Better posture 
  • Works on multiple muscle groups simultaneously 
  • Healthy body composition 
  • More energy and faster metabolism 
  • Stronger lower back muscles 
  • Better core strength 

Why Most Pilates Goers Love Lagree More 

Lagree is a highly dynamic, multi-faceted workout. It’s a well-balanced regime that combines the power of cardio, strength, and resistance training to tone, tighten, and strengthen the entire body while maintaining the importance of proper alignment and posture above intensity. 

The Megaformer allows for adjustments via spring-based tension. This kind of adaptability makes it good for all people of all fitness levels and ages so you can adjust the settings as per your desired resistance and fitness level to achieve the best workout for you! 

This article was brought to you by Lagree Fit 415. Are you a Lagree fitness enthusiast? Or is this your first time? Get started with your first workout by clicking here!