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Leading Spa Management Company Launches Personalized Menu & Customized Wellness Journeys Based on Five Universal Elements

Atlanta, Ga. (October 7, 2020) Spa management company ISM Spa introduced their newest spa concept R+R Wellness at the Grand Hyatt Nashville October 1.  R+R Wellness, which stands for Recharge and Replenish, offers personalized spa programming and treatments determined by you, for you. The five elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe, serve as the inspiration behind every experience. At R+R Wellness, guests will gain access to exclusive services including a five-step Wellness Journey featuring a custom aromatherapy blending bar and an array of personalized treatments.

“We are so proud of this new spa concept.  It is born from decades of industry experience positively impacting our property partner’s bottom lines and delighting spa guests. The heart of R + R Wellness is highly personalized programming, giving guests a new kind of control over their wellness journey,” said Ilana Alberico, Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner of ISM Spa. “Our team has witnessed a shift away from a one-size-fits-all menu. In today’s world, it’s crucial to think creatively about what modern wellness means to hotel guests and locals in a world-class spa setting.”

Each R+R Wellness visit begins with an aromatherapy experience to invite guests to find their unique blend. This sets the tone for one of two spa journeys. The “Recharge” experience featuring wellness circuit including Wellness blending bar, steam shower, infrared sauna, meditation experience lounge, and group wellness programming. The “Replenish” experience includes spa treatments, Privai rituals, a private VIP couple’s suite, immersive spa packages, and connected wellness experiences.

“Every single design element of R + R Wellness was intentionally curated to create the ultimate sensory experience. From the moment the guest enters the spa, we engage each of the five senses,” Christina Stratton, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner for ISM Spa. “While the initial spa menu will focus on individual services aligned with current public health guidelines, in the future we plan to offer a variety of VIP and group experiences, such as yoga classes, group wellness programming and customized experiences to enhance a variety of life celebrations.”

ISM’s other branded spa concepts include 6 Poseidon Spas for Kessler Hotels (Poseidon Spa at JW Marriott at Plant Riverside District in Savannah, GA, Poseidon Spa – Grand Bohemian CharlottePoseidon Spa – Casa Monica, St. Augustine, FL, Poseidon Spa – Grand Bohemian, Asheville, NC, Poseidon Spa – Mansion on Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA Poseidon Spa – Grand Bohemian, Orlando, FL) and Privai Wellness & Spa at Renaissance® Orlando at SeaWorld, based on ISM’s Signature line of luxury spa products.

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About ISM Spa

Co-founded by Ilana Alberico and Christina Stratton, ISM Spa is a boutique wellness design and spa management firm partnering with select hotel/resort destinations, day spa and residential properties for over 15 years. ISM Spa provides operational excellence and optimal experiences for their partners and unparalleled employee environments, resulting in celebrated service for their guests. ISM Spa brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to the wellness space with a focus on creating personalized wellness and positive lasting relationships with clients by building spas that offer unsurpassed service, impressive results, attention to detail, and commitment to continuous improvement. ISM Spa is built on a foundation of expert spa operators and designers who understand how to integrate a brand concept into intelligent design and service standards, ultimately serving as the critical management link between the spa brand and the hospitality company.

General Contact:

Pam Bauer, VP Sales & Marketing


[email protected]


Media Contact:

Nancy Griffin, Principal

Contento Marketing

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