AHCC is a cultured extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots). It is, in other words, a beneficial dietary supplement that is extracted from certain species of mushrooms.

The fact that certain species of mushrooms have health benefits is nothing new. Mushrooms have long been used in eastern and alternative medicines for a variety of reasons. Western medicine, however, is often skeptical of such medicinal approaches. In many cases, this is a good thing as traditional western medicine takes an empirical and consistent approach to develop medicines. Doing so reduces side effects, increases effectiveness, and decreases the number of people who end up taking “snake oil” type cures, which are somewhat notorious in both alternative and eastern medicine.

There are, however, times when alternative medicine is right—and sometimes far earlier than the rest of the health care community. Such is the case with mushrooms. More and more studies are proving their benefits are more than just hearsay. Recently work has been done to isolate and purify the compounds within mushrooms from which most or all of the health benefits come. One such compound is AHCC.

AHCC is currently popular in Japan as alternative medicine and complementary immune booster for cancer patients and is gaining notoriety around the world as a growing number of people try it and are impressed by its benefits. 

Benefits of Kinko Platinum AHCC

Kinko Platinum AHCC and Kinko Gold AHCC are two versions of the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement. Both Kinko Platinum AHCC and Kinko Gold contain the same compound. But Gold contains 500mg of AHCC per capsule while Kinko Platinum contains 750mg of AHCC per capsule.

Here are some of the most important ways that AHCC helps those who use it.

Immune System Booster

AHCC’s most well-known and established benefit related to how it impacts the immune system. Few, if any, naturally derived health supplements have undergone the rigorous study that has been done on AHCC. The results show that AHCC is indeed a strong immune system supporter with potentially dramatic results.

AHCC works to strengthen the immune system in the following ways:

  • AHCC enhances cytokine production: Cytokines play an important role in signaling the immune system.
  • AHCC increases the activity & number of dendritic cells: Dendritic cells help support and fight for the body’s immune system.
  • AHCC maintains optimal NK cell activity: NK or “natural killer” cells are the soldiers of the immune system. They attack foreign invaders and help keep your body healthy.
  • AHCC promotes optimal macrophage activity: Macrophage activity plays an important role in healing.
  • AHCC promotes optimal T-cell activity: AHCC’s positive influence on T-cell activity relates to why the supplement is becoming increasingly popular among sufferers of cancer and or others who have compromised immune systems.


Inflammation plays a negative role in an incredible number of ailments and diseases. Sometimes inflammation is the result of these problems and is only there as both a response and an indication to the body. Other times, it appears, inflammation may play a role in the underlying cause of certain health issues. Regardless, the reduction of inflammation in the body is generally accepted as a good way to improve overall health. AHCC appears to do just that by reducing inflammation in the digestive system and other parts of the body.


Immunomodulation has to do with the modulation of the immune system. Although your immune system wants to protect you, there are times when it makes mistakes and either attack when it shouldn’t or suppresses when it shouldn’t. It appears AHCC may help restore your immune system to optimal functioning.

Now that you know some of the benefits of Kinko Platinum AHCC as well as the difference between Platinum and Gold, you can decide if AHCC is right for you and which version best fits your needs.