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Know Someone Who Loves Running? Here Are 12 Gifts Ideas for This Holiday Season 
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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s a great time to think ahead for the favorite runner in your life. From knee sleeves to sunglasses, check out our 12 gift ideas for runners this holiday season! 

  1. Anti-Chafe Salve 

Anywhere your skin can chafe, it wil, and it’s painful. You can head it off before it becomes a problem with a simple pre-run application of some anti-chafe salve. The recipient of this gift won’t have to take time off to heal, which means more time doing what they love- running! They can even put some on before wearing knee sleeves, adding comfort and ease of pulling the sleeves on and taking them off. 

  1. Snacks 

Is it better to snack before, during, or after your run? Why not all of the above? There are lots of options here, from standard grocery store fare to custom blends with any ingredient you can imagine. You’ll want to sniff around for preferences and food allergies when giving snacks as a gift, but the receiver will be delighted if you do it right. 

  1. Food Dehydrator 

If your runner is an especially picky eater or has food allergies, why not enable them to make their own on-the-go snacks? A food dehydrator can make it all a breeze while keeping the load light during the run. This is another of those gifts which can be appreciated for reasons other than running, too. 

  1. Fitness Tracker 

If getting a fitness tracker just hasn’t been a priority, you have a golden opportunity to give an imminently useful gift. You can set goals, track your runner’s sleep, monitor their heart rate, and perhaps best of all, stay motivated. 

  1. Earbuds 

It’s almost as if earbuds were designed with runners in mind. No heat-trapping headphones to distract you, and just enough exterior sound cutting through to hear approaching vehicles. You can even get wireless earbuds, so no annoying cords bouncing or catching, either. For a music-loving runner, earbuds are a gift that keeps on giving. 

  1. Sunglasses 

This is such an easy one to overlook, but runners get all kinds of stuff in their eyes (in addition to the sun.) Having a barrier against wind and debris just makes sense. A year-round runner will appreciate this gift, as they can be glare-free any time of year… whether it’s summer sun or reflective snow. 

  1. Knee Sleeves 

While you’ll instantly think of injured knees, wearing knee sleeves is a great way to help prevent injury in the first place. They provide support and compression to the knee without limiting movement and help with post-run pain relief and swelling. Every runner can benefit from knee sleeves. 

  1. Foot Massager 

It’s no fun heading out the next day with pain and swelling from the previous day’s running still making themselves known. A foot massager can also help with longer-term problems like arch pain and plantar fasciitis. Knee problems can contribute to foot pain, so knee sleeves are a good pairing here. It’s hard to imagine a runner who wouldn’t appreciate that, especially if they’re among the 17-30% of US citizens with foot pain.  

  1. Headlamp 

If your runner is partial to those early mornings and late-night runs, a headlamp is indispensable. Not only does it help spot any hazards (or people) in their path, but your runner will also become more visible. Knee sleeves can be handy for helping stabilize the knees on uneven surfaces in dim light. Your favorite runner might also find other household uses for having their hands free in the dark. 

  1. Waistpack 

Cargo pants aren’t usually the first choice for most runners… But they all still have assorted odds and ends that need to readily be on hand. They’ll easily be able to keep water bottles, snacks, keys, mobile devices, or any other necessities within easy reach without skipping a beat. 

  1. Winter Traction 

Your runner won’t have to wait until spring to test this gift out! They can just slip these over their shoes and it’s like they’re running on their own set of snow tires. Extra traction can be a lifesaver on ice, snow, or even just slippery, rainy pavement. Knee sleeves are a great accompaniment to help prevent injury in the event of a misstep. 

  1. Hand Warmers 

Speaking of winter runs, hands just have a way of taking an extra beating in the cold. They’re way out there on the ends of our arms and not doing a whole lot while they’re at it. Even when the rest of you is warm, your fingers might feel frozen. Whether rechargeable or disposable, your runner will appreciate not feeling like their hands are about to freeze right off. 

On the Run 

We hope our list of holiday gifts for runners has given you some inspiration! You know your runner best, so we know you’ll find something they’ll love. 

Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash