(This is the third of a three part series from our Head of Product, Stephen Wiggins, about the struggles of beauty business marketing)

After completing a successful rebrand that included everything from our color scheme and logo to our slogan and website, I was introduced to Nicole Hatley of Social Beautify who shared with me a lot of her expertise in social media marketing. Nicole works with the Day Spa Association and several salons and spas, so her insight was particularly relevant to ProSolutions. I left that conversation feeling invigorated, ready to tackle the daunting task of social media marketing and the problems I wrote about in my two previous blog posts.


As I began posting again, I quickly came to realize the difference between knowing what you need to do and how to actually implement it. It’s one thing to know that the basketball is supposed to go into the hoop and quite another thing to actually shoot a three pointer. I didn’t know where to find poignant content that my followers cared about, how to automate the process to ensure content is posted at the right time, or how to read analytics to adjust my content accordingly. I was also reminded again just how much time it took to manage multiple social media channels.

So I decided to give Social Beautify a chance at managing our social media channels. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose and at least Social Beautify worked in the beauty industry specifically and wasn’t a generic marketing firm. A few days later we had our official ‘interview’ where Social Beautify was able to learn more about Prosolutions so they could ‘speak our voice’ and make sure our posts didn’t look or sound like spam. I was told I would have the ability to monitor the posts at the beginning and give approval prior to them being posted until I felt completely comfortable. The only thing they asked of me was patience.


Well, one thing did immediately change: I had freed up a lot of time to work on other pressing issues that I had. As time passed we began to see an uptick social media likes, retweets, followers and overall presence. Shortly thereafter we began to see our name climb on Google which lead to what we were after the most all along….DEMO REQUESTS.  After a year, our website visits increased a jaw dropping 300% from the previous year. That is not an over statement. Our demonstration requests increased even more than that and Prosolutions had its best year since 2004. I’m generally not a fan of selling someone else’s product but my company has benefited so much from Social Beautify that I felt it would be a travesty not share this information with my clients and the rest of the beauty industry. For more information on Social Beautify, visit www.SocialBeautify.com

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Stephen Wiggins

Stephen Wiggins

Head of Product

Stephen is Head of Product at ProSolutions Software. With over 15 years experience working directly with salon and spa owners, Stephen is an expert in the business of beauty and wellness.