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Let's Get Hoppin: 3 Quick Easter Marketing Ideas for Salons
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If you haven’t already heard: Peter Cottontail is coming to town and he has a present tucked away in his Easter basket that’s just for your salon – a surge in business. That’s right, Easter is right around the corner (Sunday March 27) and with that comes a great opportunity for your salon to rake in the dough.

Think about it – Easter is a time of massive family get togethers and fancy Easter Sunday brunches. Who isn’t concerned with looking their Sunday best for Easter? That’s why it’s no surprise salons typically witness a significant spike in business when Easter rolls around… IF they use some grade-a Easter marketing ideas that is.

Luckily, Easter is a holiday which your salon can use to market itself for drawing in clients by the masses. Below are some top-notch Easter marketing ideas that your salon can use to uncover it’s golden egg.


A holiday like Easter lends itself for great visual representation. There are tons of colors, images, and caricatures you can utilize in order to grab potential new clients’ attention such as:

  • Baby pink/blue primary coloring
  • Light green/purple/yellow secondary coloring
  • Budding flowers
  • Colorful baskets
  • Colorful eggs
  • Baby chicks
  • Baby lambs
  • Carrots
  • Easter Bunnies

Once you’ve established some sort of Easter theme, you need to remember keeping it consistent and use it across all forms of communications such as your:

  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Emails
  • Gift Certificates
  • Window Signage and Displays
  • Specials and Promotions


Easter presents your salon with a ton of fun, creative options to explore when it comes to creating promotions for your salon. Here is just a small taste of how you can piggyback on the theme and use it to help boost those sales.

Examples of Fun Easter Promotions You Can Try:

The Lucky Egg – During the month of March/April award your most loyal clients with a free gift card

Eggzactly What You’re Looking For – $5 off for your next visit in the month of March/April

A Hare-y Situation – $10 off your next haircut or blowout during the months of March/April

Your Eggs in One Basket – Product bundles are $5 off during the week before Easter

Social Media

Your salon’s social media pages are your key to fully utilizing Easter as a means to catch the eye of new clients and drive them through the door. Get all your salon’s social pages involved such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Some simple ideas for using social media as a means to advertise your salon with an Easter theme are:

  • Changing your header image to reflect your Easter theme
  • Share your Easter themed promotions
  • Include popular hashtags like: #happyeaster #eastersunday #eastereggs #easterfun #easterbunny
  • Post interesting Easter facts and trivia
  • Post fun Easter inspired photos
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John Rigo

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