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Life-Changing Earth-Friendly Ways We Can Take
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The environment should be of utmost importance to all of us, and while each one of us can’t fix the world, we can start with our own homes. These are just a few simple changes you can make to live more sustainably and protect the planet when we need it most.


It is important to recycle and reduce our carbon emissions. Recycling not only reduces clutter from our homes but also makes it easier for businesses who specialize in recycling to turn items into new products or use them for another purpose. Reducing carbon emissions has been shown to positively affect biodiversity, improve public health, and lessen climate change impacts such as air pollution.

Use Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is a great way to remove water pollutants and reduce the amount of water you use. For example, water filtration systems, such as Berkey Water Filters, can purify drinking water, which is then used to make drinks or food instead of other hard-to-clean containers like bottled water. In addition, these filters are more effective than other filters, such as reverse osmosis and rain barrels. Get a Berkey water filter system for use in your home today.

Reduce Our Water Consumption

It is important to reduce our water consumption. For example, it is recommended not to flush toilet paper or plastic waste down the toilet. Using less water for lawns and aquatic life is also recommended because of the issues with agriculture and contamination from agricultural runoff. It has also been proven that reducing our water consumption can increase crop productivity and decrease food prices due to the increased availability of water for irrigation and the decrease in fuel for things such as transporting farm products.

Use Less Electricity And Gas

It is important to use less electricity and gas. For example, unplugging your appliances when not in use can help save electricity and gas. Reducing the amount of electricity you use can also help lower your electric bill. Using renewable power such as solar power is also a way to reduce carbon emissions and water pollution due to reducing the need for fossil fuels. In addition, using off-the-grid power such as solar panels can also give you more control over your energy usage because they are independent of utility companies.

Reduce Waste Output

It is important to reduce our waste output by reusing items or buying items that are reusable instead of one-time use. There are various ways to reuse items, such as using an old coffee cup for your plants, reusing jars for storing food, using old shirts and curtains for new ones, and bringing reusable grocery bags to your grocery store instead of plastic bags. Reusable purchasing items can also help to reduce waste since you are not buying multiple things such as disposable plates and utensils.

Plant Trees and Contribute To Conservation Programs

It is important to plant trees and contribute to conservation programs that help to plant or conserve trees. For example, the US Forest Service has launched a campaign called America’s National Forest where they ask for your help planting 25 million trees over the next decade. For those who can’t grow or plant our trees, we can donate money to charities or research institutions dealing with forest conservation.

Avoid Using Plastic Bags

It is important not to use plastic bags when shopping. For example, one million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. In addition, $4 billion are spent on water treatment each year due to plastic clogging sewer systems and animals choking on plastics which leads to death in many cases. Plus, the chemicals used to make plastic bags do not biodegrade and can potentially harm our environment.

Minimize the Use of Pesticides

It is important to reduce our use of pesticides and try to minimize our insect populations by using natural methods such as insect repellents. In addition, it has been proven that it is possible to reduce the amount of pesticides used in agriculture and raise awareness about alternative ways of growing food; these methods still help the ecosystem by preventing pest damage and cheating crop yields.

In conclusion, there are many ways that we as individuals can help the planet by engaging in environmentally friendly practices. These practices not only help the planet but also provide a huge benefit to us. The more we all do for the planet, the cleaner it will be for all living things and long after we are gone.

These are some of how we can engage in environmentally friendly practices that not only help the Earth but also provide a huge benefit to us. The water filtration system is a relatively easy way to help fight pollution and improve the quality of your drinking water. They work by removing contaminants from your home’s water supply, such as chlorine, bacteria and pesticides. However, a water filter is only helpful if the water you are using it on is contaminated.