Have you ever wanted to sip on a glass of wine while getting a massage?  How about a cold beer while you get a haircut?

Park Ridge Liquor Board Backs New License For Salons, Spas 

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The Park Ridge City Council amended its liquor code earlier this year to simplify the rules under which liquor licenses are issued.

Aldermen were offered a new challenge on Nov. 23, whether or not to allow alcohol to be served at nail salons or spas.

Jim Testin, director of Community Preservation and Development, said the issue had been raised by the city’s health inspector, who discovered there were businesses which offered complimentary alcoholic beverages while clients were in their establishments.

Testin said the owners were instructed to stop. Deputy City Clerk Cheryl Peterson, who works with the liquor licensing process, had reached out to license holders and businesses for more information.

City attorney Julie Tappendorf from Ancel Glink had discussed the issue at the Nov. 16 Liquor License Review Board, and her colleague, Adam Simon, answered questions when it was forwarded to the City Council’s Procedures and Regulations Committee.

The Liquor License Review Board supported creating a new S-S Specialty Liquor License for salons and spas, with an annual fee of $500.

Simon said the key problem is that, if the customer pays anything for the salon’s regular services, the complimentary beverage is considered included as part of the sale under state law. That makes it subject to liquor licensing.

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