Water is the key to life. It makes up most of our bodies and the world, and staying hydrated is at the root of every health routine. Water is refreshing and reviving so it’s no wonder that soothing treatments involving water offer massive relaxation potential.

Beyond the bathtub or hot tub, spas have taken water treatments and rituals to a whole new level with unique experiences all surrounding H2O.

Get Your Float On

Spas like âme Spa and Wellness Collective at Turnberry Isle Miami offer special sensory deprivation chambers that provide a chance to turn off… well, everything… and soak in silence. The chambers are filled with salt water that’s perfectly calibrated to allow you to float in body temperature water and pure darkness. As you float, you can switch off your tired brain and meditate. The chambers then calm and relax you, bringing you back to almost a womb like state.

According to wellness experts, isolation chambers offer a wealth of benefits beyond relaxation, from pain reduction to increased creativity to even improved sleep quality.

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