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Most Common Causes of Hair Loss and How to Treat Them - Spa Industry Association
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Hair is important to humans because it is a sign of beauty and- to men- masculinity. It helps boost confidence and self-esteem and love for oneself in general. This is why hair loss could be so devastating and worrying to many individuals. Note that it is normal for humans to lose between 50 and 100 hairs daily as a way of shedding the old hair off and growing new ones. This usually goes unnoticed. Noticeable signs that you are losing hair include a retreating hairline, hair thinning, mild baldness, and hair falling off in patches.

There are changes in the body that could cause temporary hair loss such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, old age, stress, or some birth control methods and once they are over, breakages and loss of hair stop. However, excessive hair loss and breakages should not be taken lightly because it could be due to a serious underlying medical problem and it is essential to seek medical help.

In this article, we shall discuss the most common causes of hair loss in both male and females and their treatments.

1.       Diseases and medications of certain diseases

The growth of hair happens in three phases: The anagen phase when new hair grows, the catagen phase when the newly grown hair detaches from the blood supply and the third phase known as the telogen phase which is basically a resting period for the hair to allow another hair to grow beneath it. Diseases, for example, diabetes, interfere with the process especially the Anagen phase because the body chemicals needed for hair growth are compromised or insufficient due to lack of insulin caused by diabetes. Also, diabetes can lead to thyroid disease which is a common cause of hair loss too. Other diseases that cause hair loss include Lupus, Anemia, and chemotherapy during cancer treatment, etc. 


Your doctor can treat hair loss caused by the above diseases by administering some medications like Finasteride for men and Minoxidil for women. They are effective for hair growth and decrease hair loss. It is advisable not to self-medicate. Talk to your doctor to determine which medication will work for you.

2.        Hereditary genetic disorder

Alopecia Areata is the most common hereditary disorder that is associated with hair loss (Alopecia meaning baldness and Areata meaning patchy areas due to hair loss). The risk of developing this condition is higher when your close relatives have it and your immunity is low. The condition is painless but it could increase the risks of having depression and developing very low self-esteem due to the frequent hair loss leaving bald patches on the head.


There are no known preventive measures for this condition. You can only manage it. Sometimes doctors could administer Latanoprost medicine to help in hair regrowth.

3.       Poor diet and lack of essential nutrients

The lack of nutrients i.e. Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, iron, and starch not only cause diseases but hair loss too. This is because the nutrients needed to grow hair follicles are not there hence the hair becomes weak and very easy to break. Healthy hair can be damaged by not taking enough proteins. 


IF your doctor diagnoses poor dieting as the cause of your hair loss, he could give you supplements to help boost the low nutrients in your body. Fruits that are rich in vitamins, iron-rich foods such as spinach, liver, and legumes, and proteins mostly found in meat. Avoid taking too much alcohol to avoid decreasing your immunity and take in a lot of water.

4.       Excessive stress

Basically, when you are under a lot of stress, the hair growth process interferes and as a consequence, it pushes your hair into the resting phase. The hair does not grow as it should. It is also typical for a person with very high-stress levels to pull out their hair unconsciously as a way of dealing with their frustrations and this too would cause severe hair loss. Severe stress could eventually cause other diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes which either on its own or through treatment could cause hair loss.


Stress can be managed depending on how severe your stress is. Severe stress would require a doctor who can prescribe some anti-depressors. You can manage it yourself by avoiding all stress triggers, relaxing and keeping a positive attitude. One way to reduce stress is engaging in activities that keep your mind busy and you enjoy doing them. For instance you could engage in music production by using music making software online.

How hair Spa helps have healthier hair

Many people choose to do hair spa to their hair, which is a beneficial therapy that restores all the essential oils and moistures to your hair roots. One spa usually lasts 15 to 30 days. Hair spa brings out many benefits, it is a process that makes your hair stronger, shiny and bouncer while at the same time it helps with dandruff, damaged hair and hair fall. Hair spa nourishes the hair roots and regenerates the scalp resulting in reducing hair fall. It prevents having a dry scalp by balancing the ph level and natural oils on your scalp.The hair roots’ oiling helps the hair be shinier and smoother at the same time. But in addition to all these hair benefits, hair spa reduces the stress as well. It gives the best relaxing and peaceful experience. As such, it is the best option to try in order to prevent hair loss beforehand. 


Your beauty and self-esteem largely depend on the wellness of your hair and that’s why you need to take a lot of care to keep it healthy. Wash your hair regularly, use the correct oil and creams, comb your hair carefully to avoid pulling it off, trim when you should, and use natural products for conditioning and hair treatment or try a hair spa. If you lose hair due to medical problems, seek medical help immediately.