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Must Have Products for Any Spa - Spa Industry Association
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Whether your run your own spa, or you’re just hoping to recreate the spa experience at home, there are a few essential products you’ll need on hand for the ultimate relaxation experience. Creating a perfect spa day doesn’t have to be about 24 karat gold face creams or expensive gadgets for massaging your feet. You can curate an affordable, effective regimen by incorporating a few of the products on this list.

1. Face Lifts

Let’s face it, one of the most popular reasons to visit the spa is to get that rejuvenated, youthful glow back again. Many spas have their own treatments offered for a natural “face lift” effect, but they can be upwards of $2,000 and who knows how affective they really are? For a lot less, BHMD product reviews say their anti-aging face creams can give you dynamite results in just a few days. And there are radio frequency face-lifting devices you can purchase for less than half the professional treatment cost, if you’re lookin for a more exciting way to relive your golden year.

2. Cupping 

Cupping treatments, which involve using small cups to suction parts of the back to stimulate blood vessels under the skin, have become incredibly popular since they first spread to Western spas from traditional Eastern medicine. Cupping can be used to heal injuries, improve circulation, and increase the health of your skin. If your spa doesn’t offer cupping, consider adding it to the repertoire. The most expensive aspect of the treatment is hiring a professional or training employees to do the treatment, which doesn’t take long and will pay for itself in the long run.

If you want to try cupping at home, you can buy kits for less than $50. You may not have experience with the treatment, but a few YouTube tutorials will teach you what you need to know for a basic cupping session. Of course, cupping is almost impossible to do successfully alone, so invite a friend over and make a day of it.

3. Derma-Rolling

One of the most popular spa treatments for facial skin is derma-rolling, or micro-needling. This treatment involves rolling a wheel of tiny needles across the face to create tiny wounds that, when healed, will resurface with fresh, unblemished skin. Such treatment comes with a few risks that are easy to combat with sanitation practices and proper training, and is sure to be a popular option at any spa.

Derma-rolling at home has become a popular choice, as well, since the benefits far outweigh the cost of getting a roller, which you can do for under $20. Simply follow the directions for rolling on a freshly washed face, and follow up with a good serum, and make sure to keep your roller 100% clean with a soak in antiseptic or alcohol both before and after rolling.

4. Rebounding

Popularized by beauty and health gurus like Gwyneth Paltrow, this treatment involves jumping up and down on a small trampoline to activate the lymphatic system. This means you’ll get the beauty benefits of improved circulation and lymphatic drainage (hello, youthful glow!) while getting a pretty good workout and having a fun time while you’re at it. This is a fun, easy treatment to include in any spa, and is incredibly simple to implement at home. A mini-trampoline can easily be tucked away in even the smallest living space. Plus, the gentle impact of a trampoline is better for the joints than other cardio options, so it’s a win-win.

Hopefully you’ll find one of these options is the one you’ve been missing, either in your spa or at home. Have fun with your new treatment!

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