I see “Wellness”, “Women’s Health”, “Products that Promote Youtful & Healthy Skin,” over and over again and I’m so happy the spa industry has my back and wants me to visit their spas and leave with my skin in better shape than it was when I entered. 

But if this same spa was having me put my hand under a nail lamp that emits UVA radiation and this spa tells me this UVA radiation isn’t going to harm my skin, I would be confused because we know without any argument, UVA light contributes to skin damage.

We also know, whether or not the amount of light is a little or a lot, UVA exposure and it’s harm to our skin is cumulative, so even a little will eventually become a lot.

We know too, that if there is a warning posted in the instructions of our equipment, it’s best we heed this warning. 

Well, there are warnings posted in the lamp manufacture’s directions.  These state if a customer has been exposed to a sensitizing agent, they must protect their skin while using the lamp.

Since there are over 100 substances that may render someone sensitive to light without their knowledge, how would the spa be able to figure it out? 

According to Dr. Chris Adigun, a dermatologists, “Sadly, most people have no idea that they have increased UV sensitivity-whether it is due to a medication, supplement, or medical state.  They may or may not see the potential damages immediately after an exposure to an UV lamp, but will suffer the consequences from the cumulative exposure at an accelerated rate as compared to an individual without UV sensitivity.”

And Doug Schoon, Chief Scientist & Co-Chair of the NMC states, “Nail technicians should heed ALL manufacturers warnings and follow ALL directions and recommendations. That is their professional responsibility. I have served as an expert witness in legal matters related to salons for more than 20 years, and in every case that I’ve seen where the nail technician was found at fault, is was always because they didn’t do this.”

Making sure the customer’s skin is not damaged during a beauty service is a good thing.  We should make sure that starts happening during gel services, right?

Renee Albera



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