Primal Healing Soak was created out of a need for a product that was specifically designed for full body relaxation. This soak is our answer to bath bombs. Based on the formulation behind Primal Healing’s other products, our Soak was created to offer a safe, infused option that was gentle enough to be used by all skin types while naturally exfoliating and enriching the skin.

Primal Healing’s Infused Skin Soak can be used as a foot soak or for a full bath experience. Fantastic for exfoliation, eczema, or any inflammatory skin condition. Our process infuses a variety of whole herb ingredients into dehydrated milk and magnesium flakes carefully-selected for their extensive benefits for the skin and body. The resulting herbal infusion is a vegetarian, chemical-free, dye-free option that is great for working to reduce inflammation, dryness and itchiness, while nourishing the skin.

From Primal Healing

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