“WannaCry” Is Attacking Businesses Around The World. Don’t Let Your Salon Or Spa Be Next!

1. What Is “WannaCry” Ransomware?

bitcoinsWannaCry is a ransomware virus that holds your computers hostage and displays messages demanding that you pay $300 in bitcoin or Ethereum— a type of digital currency widely used online — to unlock your computer. The required payment typically doubles to $600 if the first ransom wasn’t paid within a few days and, after a week of failed action, all files on the infected computer would be destroyed.

The virus has recently made headlines by attacking more than 200,000 businesses in more than 150 countries throughout the world!

With extensive client, sales and inventory data on your business computers, an attack from this virus can be devastating to your salon or spa. Even more terrifying, there’s no guarantee that paying the ransom will actually unlock your files!

2. How Do You Protect Yourself From Ransomware?

Though many first heard about WannaCry last week, Microsoft discovered it earlier this year and released a security update to patch the hole in its system on March 14th. Our experience with computer viruses has shown us that Microsoft is constantly fighting new attacks and pushing updates that continue to make Windows increasingly secure.

However, our experience has also shown us that the majority of our clients do not regularly update their operating systems as suggested! Indeed, many clients’ technical support needs stem from their failure to install critical Microsoft updates.

To protect your salon or spa from a ransomware attack, make sure that your systems are up-to-date. To do this, click the “start” button and search for “windows updates.” You can also check out Microsoft’s website on how to make sure your computer is up to date by clicking HERE.

3. Our Cloud Option Can Help!

Our Transcend Online program is hosted on our secure private cloud that is always up-to-date, protecting you against viruses and psicloud9ransomware.  If constantly updating your software, backing up your data, and having limited access to your management software is slowing you down, check out our cloud option by clicking HERE.


Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins

VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, management, marketing and advertising.