Press Release

The International SPA Association (ISPA) has named 12 winners in the 2021 ISPA Innovate Awards. This  year’s awards highlighted solutions and innovations implemented specifically in response to the COVID-19  pandemic in three categories: business practices, philanthropy and technology.

Lynne McNess, ISPA President says: 

“The creativity that so many have shown during this exceptionally challenging period for our industry is truly  inspiring. We are so pleased to recognize this year’s ISPA Innovate Award winners and shine a light on their  exceptional work.”

Pure Fiji Wins: Philanthropy 

Pure Fiji is honored to have won in the Philanthropy category for Support 

ing Rural Communities in times of need. Pure Fiji developed and distribut 

ed sanitizer and essential items to groups in need, and provided food,  

educational supplies and other relief to Cyclone Yasa victims. 

Thanks for all your help!