Salons and spas have their fair share of horror stories… To get you in the Halloween spirit, our staff shares some REAL-LIFE tales from our clients that are sure to give you a fright!


1.  The “Touchy” Client

One blustery October day in Los Angeles, Joseph received a phone call from a spa in need. Being the ever faithful support technician, Joseph fervently helped the poor spa owner who was also handling the front desk. As another client walked in, Joseph was put on hold…. but the phone was still listening! Apparently the client thought it was appropriate to touch his prospective masseuse, but he was dead wrong. The woman said “please don’t touch me sir,” to which the client responded “well, this isn’t going to work then” and left! Just goes to show you, even clients can be creepy this time of year!



umasked2.  A Thief In The Night

Sometimes even your best friends can act ghoulish. Thanks to an automated message from DARCI, a client discovered that an employee had stolen thousands of dollars from his salon by modifying gift certificates. This particular employee shared holidays with our client over the course of 7 years and was considered a dear friend. When the employee was asked why she would do such a thing, she looked our client dead in the eyes and said “because it was easy.” She would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for our meddling software keeping our clients protected from fraud!



jack3.  Nightmare Before Christmas

On Christmas Eve, our support department received a desperate phone call. A client and her husband received a notification that someone had broken into their salon after closing and printed out their entire client list! Our team was able to password lock their software to stop any further mischief, but the mystery of the stolen client list persisted. Then early that next year, our client received phone calls from loyal clients telling them a spurned employee was soliciting their business for a salon he planned to open across the street! Little did the sneaky employee know our clients were on to his shenanigans and he was soon an unemployed stylist with no stolen clients.


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