Today’s advances in technology have paved the way for healthcare professionals to work remotely or at home. While most nurses still prefer to provide personal care, there are a surprising number of ways that nurses can practice their skills while still working from home. If you are interested in leaving traditional care settings, perhaps to take care of your children or take a break altogether, here are just a few career options that will allow you to make good use of your degree and still work from home. 

  1. Start a blog 

It may sound corny, but this is one way a registered nurse can make good money staying at home and looking after other interests. The fact is that there are not enough health professionals who blog about health problems and who can be consulted for reliable advice. You can start a personal blog to write about what you learned in college or at work. With your qualifications, you will answer a few questions professionally as long as you do not break the nursing law. You will soon get a lot of followers if people find out that you are a professional. 

  1. Become a Medicine / Health Writer 

If you are good at putting words together and finding it a hobby, you can start a medical writing freelance job. One way to start this business from home is to contact and sign up for freelance websites. Since you are writing on a professional topic like medicine or health, you can borrow more than other authors on general topics. If you have good writing, you will start getting regular jobs that will help you live comfortably. 

  1. Become a Medical Transcriptionist 

A medical transcriptionist listens to recorded medical records and transcribes voice recordings into written records. It is the ideal job a nurse can start from home. There are many opportunities for a medical transcriptionist, but you will need to get certified to qualify for the job. It is easy to get certified as there are courses on the internet. As a medical transcriptionist, you can work part-time and get work done from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop and reliable internet access. With this part-time job, you will have the opportunity to work from home. 

  1. Become a First Aid Instructor 

Beginning to be an independent first aid instructor is another way for a nurse to make money at home. In the past, it was known that some nurses made more money from this than their full-time nurses. All you have to do is visit small healthcare facilities and inform them about this new service. To do this, you need to undergo first aid training. It is advisable to gain experience with the Red Cross, obtain a business license from your county clerk’s office, find a place to teach, and promote your business. 

  1. Online Course Developer 

Online education is a growing area in which to work from home. Subject matter experts are needed in all areas taught online, and medical science is no exception. Tech-savvy nurses with teaching experience can leverage these skills in distance learning by working as instructors or developing nursing courses. 

  1. Provide nursing home care 

If you are sweet about bedside care, you can look for part-time jobs in nursing homes or nursing homes. Such institutions are in dire need of nursing care because their patients are older adults with chronic diseases. You can take part-time jobs here, working two to three times a week or on weekends. It may not be ideal to work from home, but at least you are not in a busy and stressful hospital environment. 

  1. Online lessons 

Many nursing students sometimes require additional exam preparation. You can offer them to accelerate right from home. What you need to do is create a website where you can offer your courses. You should also provide simplified course materials to help them understand better, and then you need to encourage your website and business to get good online advertising. If the students you teach find your teachings very useful, they will introduce others. You can earn money from subscription fees and viewing your notes.