Luxury is playing hooky as an adult and taking a weekday off to spend it relaxing at a day spa. Not any day spa, but Glen Ivy Hot Springs – a location long known to local Native American tribes for the mineral water sources to have spiritual powers to heal the body, mind and spirit. And my partner Richard and I really needed a boost to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Glen Ivy is located in Temescal Canyon about an hour and a half north of central San Diego. For us, it was a day only, the wineries we passed by in Temecula will have to wait for another weekend. And the beauty of taking a weekday trip – no traffic!

When you arrive at Glen Ivy, you’ll be given a map of the resort and a general idea of the best order on how to take the various waters. But since we did have to do a touch of work before hitting the road, we arrived at lunch time and headed first to their onsite restaurant, the Ivy Kitchen, since we were starving. Even though we were “hangry,” we still had leftovers from our fish tacos and grilled chicken quesadilla orders. And you can taste the delicious freshness in the dishes, because although Glen Ivy is known for the mud baths and mineral waters, they practice a strong farm-to-table philosophy. Glen Ivy actually has an onsite orchard growing orange, grapefruit and avocado trees.

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