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Kulpsville, PA – September 1, 2022. The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF), formerly known as the Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF), is partnering with salons and stylists to promote the Let’s Get Visible Campaign. Hairdressers are frequently at the forefront of identifying hair loss, inflammation symptoms and the tell-tale indications of scarring alopecia, such as a band of hair loss at the hairline, or small, raised bumps in the center of the scalp. SAF has identified stylists as both influencers and educators in the journey to diagnosis and treatment.

The campaign will commence the first of September, National Scarring Alopecia Awareness Month. Salons and stylists can become an official partner with the Scarring Alopecia Foundation and receive an SAF Certificate of Course Completion for public promotion. Stylists will need to take the exclusive scarring alopecia 15-minute online training module led by world renown dermatologist and hair loss expert, Dr. Maryanne Senna. There are no fees associated with training module or certificate.

Stylists can participate in the September Donate-a-Dollar Fundraiser through asking clients to contribute a dollar to SAF during the month, or by making an individual contribution. According to SAF Board President and scarring alopecia patient, Kris Wharton, “We would prefer that stylists request a donation from clients because that leads to a conversation about scarring alopecia and how it differs from regular alopecia. Scarring alopecia is under-diagnosed, with patients hearing their hair loss is a symptom of stress or hormonal changes. Many patients suffer for years without treatment. Every conversation increases awareness.” The SAF goal is to
enroll 1,000 hair salons in the Let’s Get Visible Campaign and raise $100,000 for education and research.

There are countless numbers of underserved patients suffering from scarring alopecia, a permanent, inflammatory hair loss condition with no known cure or FDA-approved treatments. Once the disease attacks the hair follicles, permanent hair loss occurs. Quick detection and proper treatments can halt the progression, but only if caught in the initial stages. SAF has dedicated this September to educate and bring attention about this rapidly growing hair loss disease to hair stylists and hair salons and we are proud to partner with them this year. Dermatologists and hair loss experts are reporting a significant increase in scarring alopecia patients over the past several years. The cause is not yet known for this surge of new patients. The differences between alopecia and scarring alopecia are the hair follicles are permanently destroyed resulting in permanent hair loss and patients typically experience significant pain, burning and itching on their scalp.

Aside from being a medical condition, scarring hair loss is also an emotional disease. Often patients fear rejection, embarrassment, and lose their self-confidence. They spend hours and countless dollars on hair care products, camouflaging techniques, doctor appointments, and constantly worry about their appearance.

About SAF
SAF is the only patient advocacy organization in the world who is driving and promoting research, education, and support for this disease. Our vision is to help patients live healthy and happy lives.

Incorporated in 2004, SAF has grown from a small group of patients to 7,000 patients and medical professionals worldwide on record. SAF is guided by a 17-member Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of world-renown researchers and clinicians. Through programs of education, support, and research, SAF strives to the meet the needs of this underserved patient community and to provide hope for the future.

For more information about NSAAM and SAF, visit or call the SAF national office at 267.613.9811, or email [email protected]


Media Contacts:
Colleen Leader, Marketing & Program Manager
Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF)
Email: [email protected]
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