Did you know approximately 16.5-percent of the US population belongs to seniors and older adults? That’s over 50-million people.  

Considering this rapidly growing rate, it has become more important than ever to educate ourselves about senior wellness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a senior, caregiver, or even youth. Old age will catch up soon anyways!  

So, in this guide, we’ll discuss the topic in detail. We’ll cover 5-important recommendations for healthy and happy aging. Let’s dive in! 

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet 

You’re what you eat. The saying is quite literally the truest one you would have ever heard. Food is the body’s fuel, and so consuming a well-balanced diet can help maintain your health longer. 

By a balanced diet, we mean food items that offer the right proportions of nutrients for your body. Since each individual has different requirements, it’s best to consult a nutritionist for a proper diet plan.  

Typically, experts recommend that seniors should consume foods that are rich in fiber and vitamins. It’s because the digestive system slows down with age. So, eating more vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods can lower health risks.  

Maintain Physical Activity  

Regular exercise is as important as drinking water for seniors. As per the National Institute of Health, maintaining physical activity can help avoid chronic and weight issues in older adults. It also helps alleviate depression and improve sleep disorders.  

However, exercise doesn’t always mean aerobics, jogging, and strength training. You do not even need to take out dedicated time to stay physically active. As a senior, you can incorporate it into your lifestyle by participating in house chores, playing with children, or even running errands.  

Today, there are several high-quality mobility scooters to promote free movement and exercise amongst seniors. Click here to learn more!  

Do Not Let Ageism Take Over! 

First discovered in 1969, Ageism is a very common practice in our society. It refers to stereotyping and discrimination against people based on their age. While it also exists for the youth, this affects the older population the most. 

Ageism for seniors may look like this: 

  • Rude comments and feedback about age 
  • Exclusion from groups like workplaces and events 
  • Not being considered for raises or promotions  
  • Not getting access to learning opportunities  
  • Ideas and opinions ignored  
  • Being forced to retire or step back from the chores 

All these negative practices can have a great impact on mental health. Older adults may experience isolation, anxiety, panic attacks, and even severe depression. But, you must not let these things get in your head! 

Remember, age is nothing more than a number. It doesn’t define how you should think or behave. As a senior, go out as much as you like and interact.  

Socialize with like-minded and same-age people in local centers. You can also volunteer at different community events. Live the best of your life!  

Book Senior Spa & Massage Appointments 

Therapeutic massages are more than just relaxation and enjoyment. Studies show that these sessions can greatly decrease stress, muscle tension, and even digestive issues in seniors. They also improve blood flow and nerve function.  

Fortunately, countless spas offer massage therapy sessions for older adults. You will even find different types of massages. The best-known technique is geriatric.  

It involves light and gentle movement to stretch the muscles passively. As a result, the tension releases from the body without creating excessive friction. The geriatric massages also help enhance posture and overall well-being.  

All that said, do not book more than one appointment a week. If your physical health is better, consider one or two massages a month. Getting too many massages can lead to overstimulation of the muscles.  

Keep in Touch with Your Doctor 

It is common for people to assume that their deteriorating health is a result of aging. While this is true to a certain extent, not all conditions are a direct result of growing old. Some examples include fibromyalgia, delirium, and urinary tract infections. 

Often, these conditions are signals of serious underlying issues. So, seniors must visit their doctors regularly. It is especially important if they take medical drugs.  

Sometimes, experts may even misdiagnose health issues in seniors. It happens because there are several ongoing problems in the body. Thus, regularly visiting the doctor can help prevent these misdiagnoses and pinpoint the actual issue quickly. 

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