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SEO Practices For Your Brand: 2021 Edition - Spa Industry Association
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Implementing white hat SEO strategies to your online business is a key component to your success story. No matter how good your product or service is, if your target audience can’t find you, then they will never know about you.

Authentic SEO strategies with no black hat techniques to cheat the system are your best bet to maintaining an excellent reputation with search engines. White hat SEO strategies can take more time to work, but the results are long-term, and they will never damage your online presence. The following are the top SEO strategies to consider for your online business this year.

Establish authority backlinks

Adding a note in the comments section of a website and leaving your URL is not how you earn an authority backlink. For this SEO strategy, you need a genuine link building agency where professionals can leave your digital footprint on the right websites. Search engines can recognize these footprints and rank your website to gain a reputation on your target keywords.

Study competitors’ pages

Digital tools such as SEMrush are excellent in helping you to understand where your competitors are excelling. You can use such tools to learn which keywords your competitors are using and get information regarding their most successful pages. With concrete examples, you can spin your own set of relevant keywords and create similar pages to strengthen your SEO presence and build an online reputation.

Shoppable social media posts

Social media is the easiest way to lure your target audience without spending money on ads or digital tools. You can use tools such as the shop function on Instagram to make shoppable stories. These types of stories will drive more traffic to your shop page organically. This organic traffic will further establish your online reputation and have search engines recognize your authority in the industry.

Teach your target audience

Nothing gets an audience quicker than helping them answer a question they have. You can improve your authority online by becoming the go-to place for your target audience. There are various ways you can do so. You can write educational posts answering the most frequently asked questions.

Quora is a dominant source to find inquiries related to multiple industries. You can use the questions there to plan a long-form blog post with headings and keywords. Mostly, however, the blog post should give the audience a detailed answer.

How-to videos work as well. YouTube, Pinterest, and even TikTok are great platforms where you can share videos educating your target audience and establishing yourself as an authority on the subject.

Search engines have a way of changing SEO strategists’ rules every few months, which can be a headache, especially if you opt for black hat SEO techniques. But if you stick to being authentic by proving yourself as an authority to your audience, your search engine reputation will not let you down.