We really don’t deserve dogs. They give us undying, unconditional love and they are there for us no matter what. That’s why spa and wellness days are important for a gal’s best friend. Now at this point you might be rolling your eyes because yes, your favorite furry pal is a dog. However, we’re not talking about putting cucumbers on Fido’s eyes. Instead we are recommending fun, relaxing, healthy excursions that your canine companion will love.

Boarding Is Boring

Traditional boarding is going out of fashion because dog lovers don’t want to see their pups cooped up in cages as they head out on a fabulous vacation. So instead of boarding, treat your dog to a doggie spa getaway.

These puppy pamper palaces can include grooming treatments for dogs with special upgrades like blueberry facials and paw-icures, as well as special walks or field trips to the mountains or the beach. And don’t expect to see a cage anywhere: these special guests enjoy a large playground to roam and sleep together in one big doggie pile every night. Perhaps with a little classical music playing to sooth them.

There are even dog camps for you and your dog that offer everything you loved about summer camp: swimming, hiking and lots of socializing tailored for four-footed guests. Imagine you and your pooch getting healthy playing flyball, Rally-O, dock diving, along with cozy naps in a rustic cabin. In addition, you can even learn new communication skills, canine massage and more. Each camp has its own flavor, style and emphasis so you can choose what’s best for you and your companion.

Fitness for Fido

Dogs aren’t just meant to live in our purses and munch on bacon – dogs are built to work and play hard! There are now doggie experiences that allow your best friend to herd sheep or take a dip in a luxurious puppy pool. Plus there are even canine camps that specialize in helping your dog shed some pounds.

These special camps and outings are meant to exercise not only the dog’s body but also her brain. Since a lot of dogs don’t get the mental exercise they need to maintain healthy relationships, exploring new smells or working with the pack can help keep your pup’s brain active and well.

Some canine fitness fantasies include training so he will come back a better dog. Can you say Sit! Stay! Spa!

Doggie Dye Job

This one is for us rather than our dogs but if you are looking to have a little fun, you might want to consider giving her an awesome dye job. Dog groomers can now dye dogs with totally safe non-toxic hair dye. So while your job might not allow multi-colored unicorn hair, your dog can rock the do on your behalf. (And think of the selfies!)

We recommend checking out Jess Rona Grooming on Instagram to see some awesome doggie dos as well as some fun slow motion footage of pampered pups.[1]

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