Multi-purpose salve Ideal for Cellular Rejuvenation in Professional Treatments and Results-Oriented Home Care

Los Angeles, Calif. (December 1, 2016)-Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonäge Skincare is excited to announce the reformulation of their iconic Laserine Botanical Salve. Now 100% natural, Laserine is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-comedogenic. An ideal alternative to petroleum based products for pre and post medical aesthetics treatments, Laserine has the safest rating available (1) on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep website. Spas and medical spa clients are embracing Laserine for home to moisturize chapped lips and hands, and smooth out rough patches.

“I have been using Laserine Botanical Salve in my medical practice for ten years. It is an excellent product, and with its new all natural reformulation it is even healthier for the skin.  I would recommend it for anyone who wants serious skincare,” says Dr. David Schwartz, MD.

Laserine was specifically formulated to aid in the reconstruction of cellular tissue. The all-purpose balm alleviates dryness, chapping, rashes and irritated skin. Appropriate for all skin types, it has a sealing effect on cuts, burns and sunburn which inhibits germs. It is used by make-up artists to smooth the brows, remove eye makeup, soothe the skin after a tattoo, ideal to protect and heal following laser treatments and chemical peels, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and prevents moisture loss. The blend of Umbelliferae plant extracts such as celery root, shea butter, fireweed and licorice root and essential oils reduce swelling caused by stress to the skin after cosmetic peels, sunburn or topical wounds.

“Being an Esthetician in a clinical spa for 25 years, Sonäge has been my skincare of choice. With such wonderful results and great client retention, I can’t say enough amazing things about this line,” says Esthetician Adrienne Maas. “Laserine Botanical Salve is my favorite product. It is the ‘duct tape’ of skincare and has been my savior after my treatments including laser, chemical peels and injectables. Its awesome quality and results-driven ingredients make it so outstanding in its performance. It is so versatile, it pretty much does everything. It is my belief that everyone should have one in their purse, in their makeup kit, in their medicine cabinet.”

“Laserine’s reformulation is yet another step forward in our goal to manufacture the cleanest, most efficacious skincare available on the market-honoring our 20-year European heritage,” says Khanna. “Laserine’s new formulation uses castor oil and shea butter as an alternative to petroleum jelly or beeswax. Petroleum jelly creates the illusion of moisturized, hydrated skin-yet clogs pores and contains harmful toxins. Beeswax is not vegan friendly and not aligned with our core value of being cruelty free. Laserine seals in the moisture without any of the negatives of petroleum.”

Laserine has received the safest rating available from EWG-gold standard in the health and wellness certification. Unlike petroleum based products that are pretty much 100% occlusive, Laserine is semi-occlusive, so it lets the skin breathe while protecting and healing.

About Sonäge

Sonäge Skincare balances the best in skincare science with the most carefully curated botanical ingredients. Honoring our European heritage, we work with the most advanced skincare chemists in Paris and Los Angeles. Sonäge’s affordable, progressive system not only makes you look and feel good, but is also good for you. Our “New Natural Manifesto” educates and empowers skincare professionals and consumers how to make safe skin care choices. Sonäge supports EWG VERIFIED(tm), the gold standard in the health and wellness certification.