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SPA-procedures: Features and Benefits for the Body - Spa Industry Association
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A trip to the spa is a welcome gift for every woman. Therapeutic effect of relaxation procedures, relaxation of every cell of the body, relaxation and rejuvenation – the benefits of spa is undeniable. The miraculous methods of different spa programs are very popular, because the daily stress and dynamic pace of life prevents you from relaxing even while sleeping. What are spa treatments really like, and what effects do they have on the body?


Today SPA is not just a cosmetic procedure, but a full-fledged ritual. Thanks to him, it improves the skin, rejuvenates the body, relaxes the body, and activates metabolic processes.

The term is interpreted variously: some believe that the acronym SPA means Sanus per Aquam (“health through water”), while others tend to believe that the complex of procedures is named after the Belgian resort of the same name, famous for its healing springs.


It is impossible to overestimate the healing effect of spa procedures on the body. Body detox and purification from within, relaxing effect and stress reduction, rejuvenation and restoration of skin elasticity, getting rid of inflammation and metabolic processes activation – such positive effects on body and soul are brought about by SPA.

The list of popular spa services for the body is expanding year by year. Today the list of procedures is not limited to the usual body wraps and massages. Most often in beauty salons can offer you such manipulations:

1) salt and algae peels;

2) different types of wraps: from the already familiar mineral (with the use of healing mud, sludge or algae) to pearl or silk;

3) Jacuzzi with hydro massage;

4) sauna, phyto bathroom, hammam;

5) baths of different purposes (relaxing, sea, modeling).

Let’s speak separately about massage. This procedure is really known for a long time, but has not lost its leading position in the ranking of the most desirable relaxing manipulations. The most popular options: Thai, Balinese, anti-cellulite, toning massage, treatments with stones or aroma bags. Often the massage is preceded by skin cleansing and steaming procedures, which allows talking about the complex effect of different SPA techniques on the body. Relaxing atmosphere, aroma oils or creams scent and skillful hands of masseur – all this provides positive effect in psycho-emotional, aesthetic and medical directions.


In any case, spa treatments are perceived as popular cosmetic techniques. We are used to the fact that spa effects are beneficial to the whole body, but experts distinguish types of these treatments that target specific areas and zones:

1. spa for hair:

To maintain the health and beauty of hair, experts offer treatments such as hot wraps, mineralization, and relaxing scalp massage. Wrapping gives hair elasticity and strength, mineralization restores dyed and damaged strands, massage activates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. “This SPA treatment can be complemented with other procedures for an intensive nourishing and moisturizing of the scalp: peeling, masks, massages. 

2. face SPA-procedures:

SPA procedures for the face are aimed at getting rid of traces of fatigue, lack of sleep, and the first wrinkles. Peeling, vitamin masks, massage will make our face skin look young and blooming.

3. SPA for hands and nails:

SPA complex for hands and nails care includes not only manicure, but also other procedures: relaxing baths with sea salt, rejuvenating masks, massage with aromatic oils. Paraffin therapy – heating hands in special paraffin baths – is very popular.

SPA for feet and legs:

SPA procedures for the beauty of the feet have become a must for all beauty salons. Salt and essential oil baths will help to relieve tension and fatigue, special wraps and hydro-massage will help to find an easy walk and to get rid of “stars”, noticeable veins and scars.

IMPORTANT: Before you make any SPA-procedures for different parts of body, consult your doctor (trichologist, phlebologist, therapist in case of any chronic diseases). Determine whether certain components of the masks / wraps will not cause an allergic reaction.

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