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Splish Naturals is asking its customers to recognize their heroes and to help them with pain and inflammation reduction products.

FRISCO, COLORADO, USA, October 13, 2023 / / — Splish Naturals, an innovative provider of natural pain and inflammation relief products, today announces the launch of its Heal Your Hero program. Customers of Splish Naturals may gift its products to people who they would like to recognize for their contributions to their communities.

Heroes include our military, first responders, health care workers and educators. But the definition of a hero is left to Splish Naturals’ customers – it’s whoever they believe them to be. It includes ‘everyday’ heroes.

The Heal Your Hero program initially is included with a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign where investors are given an opportunity to make one or more gifts of Splish Naturals products. Recipients of these gifts may remain private or accept public recognition for their heroism as an inspiration to others

Since its inception in 2019, Splish Naturals has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to helping customers feel their best through top tier, scientifically backed products. The company’s product range includes topical balms and sprays formulated with botanical extracts such as CBD, compression sleeves, and rejuvenation mats, which are supplied to consumers, spas, fitness centers, and retailers.

“We are looking forward to the recognition of all the heroes within our communities,” says Matt Walsh, CEO of Splish Naturals. “It is a privilege to help these heroes in our own way and we look forward to teaming with our customers in finding new ways to be of help.”

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